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7 Reasons why your Startup should invest in a Contact Center Software


As the founder of a startup, you might be surprised as to how things have changed in your establishment since the day you started. The complexity of operations, the overwhelming inflow of customers, and the investment on tools and softwares to manage the now large customer base. Well, now it is time to ditch those training wheels that make you look like an amateur and upgrade your startup.

You probably would have a mind-blowing, well-dusted customer experience strategy on the desks of your customer support team. The team is well aware and trained to provide excellent customer service and retain customers. This is not nerve-wracking at the beginning because you don’t have a lot of customers to manage and provide your service. But, then things start going south when your customer base starts growing rapidly and exponentially. Your once personalized and customized service is not personalized and customized anymore.

Well, there is a solution for all your woes and apprehensions. Invest in a cloud contact center software. To make things a tad easier, we have compiled a list of the top most reasons your startup should be investing in a contact center software now.

#1. Grab hold of all your customers: If you have noticed few of your prospective customers are slipping through the cracks of communication channels, because you don’t provide consistent service across all communication channels, or because of call abandonments, I have news for you; you need a contact center software right away. A contact center software will empower your startup to provide consistent service across all channels, and ideally distribute your calls to the most suitable and available agent. If an agent is not available for a customer call, the customer can either opt to be on hold or request for a call back. This way, every customer will be serviced.

#2. Jump on the Millennial Bandwagon: A lot of things have changed since the millennials have outnumbered the rest of the generations. They have reshaped the economy, technology, communication, customer demands, and the way businesses work. Startups, especially, need to have an open arm towards implementing change and advancements, and that means, being all ears for what they have got to say about your startup. Millennials normally voice out their opinions on social media, whether it be negative rants or positive appreciations. But, companies should always keep a lookout for such social media posts, and have a social media campaign at bay. A contact center software will help you in tracking all your social media activities, and monitor your followers comments and posts. Analyse each post and flag the negative comments that require perusal and instant resolution.

#3. Prioritise your VIP Customers: Now that you have a lot of customers for your startup, it is time to prioritise them for service delivery purposes. Since you cannot service all of them at the same time, you need to prioritise each one according to the impact they have on your bottom-line. With a contact center software in play, customers can be prioritised while they are on the calling queue, waiting to be connected to a live agent. Your VIP customers can then bypass the calling queue, and be directly connected with an agent. This will work for repeated customers, high-ticket customers, etc., based on the logic that your business defines.

#4. Capture Customer Intelligence: Customer conversations is a goldmine to intelligence. Intelligence that can be used to make strategic decisions and amplify marketing initiatives. With contact center analytics, customer communications can be monitored and tracked to garner customer intelligence to understand customer motivations for future growth.

#5. Keep an eye on your Customer Service Reps: It is absolutely critical that you know exactly how your customer service team is handling and interacting with your customers. At times, you probably might have to play the role of a supervisor that keeps a tab on all your agents, on real-time. To act after something went down during a call is not held in the highest regard by customers. But, contact center softwares offer real-time supervisory abilities providing managers and supervisors the provision to act, and not just react. Managers can then fortify consistent service, identify agents that require additional training and ensure compliance.

#6. Automate your Business Process Workflows: With customers pouring in, managing business processes starts to become a strenuous task prone to errors. However, by equipping your startup with a contact center software, you can seamlessly create automated customer interaction workflows across all channels.

#7. Meet Customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs): If you are a hyperlocal mobile app aggregator, hyper-local marketplaces, or an e-commerce establishment, there will be a defined set of customer SLAs that your business is supposed to meet to live by customer guarantees and promises. A contact center software can be configured to automatically push service providers to customers when a defined SLA is breached.

If you are still not convinced that you need a contact center software to juice your startup, holler at us at Ameyo Emerge and we will have a customer experience expert talk to you immediately.


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