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7 Tips to Get the Most out of Your ACD Routing System


Successful contact center routing designs optimize the customer experience while addressing internal business objectives for revenue, retention, and operational efficiency. Careful consideration and planning are needed to architect Automatic Call Distributor(ACD) routing solutions that effectively address both the customer and the business, for a contact center.

The resulting designs must cost-effectively deliver low-effort customer experiences while supporting all relevant touch points in both simple interactions and important customer journeys. The background algorithm while setting up ACD routing system can vary from business to business. The most common architectural layouts being – LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) and FIFO (First-In-First-Out).
Now, as their names suggest, LIFO connects the last caller first and FIFO does just the opposite. Irrespective of the routing design, it is imperative to ensure that the routing algos work not one percent less than accurate efficiency.
Here are the 7 best trade secrets to get the most out of your ACD routing system:-

  1.      Adjust the functions, depending upon the call flow

You can maximize the efficiency of the routing system by ensuring that you are using all of its listed features. Keep a check if your Automatic Call Distributor is optimized to deal with seasonal call flow or changes in the business model, any diversions from regular strategies, etc. which could trigger high call volume.

  1.      Integrate with CRM for a personalized service

You will be able to get the most from your ACD routing system by integrating it with devices or softwares such as CRM, IVRs, email handlers, and website links, to quickly identify callers and give them a personalized service. Moreover, you can update new devices and softwares once you install them, for a top-notch system setup. Also, Linking screen pop-ups with your ACD can boost productivity and overall efficiency of call center reps. As soon as the call gets answered, if the customer information can be pulled up on the screen, it can hugely reduce the chances of goof-ups and enhance resource optimization.

  1. Prioritize High Value Customers

Every business setup will have some high priority customers, often regarded as ‘golden customers’. While setting up your Automatic Call Distributor routing system, a separate channel can be incorporated to route them directly to top of the queue, and reduce their holding time. This will ensure customer loyalty and your overall ROI would be greatly benefited.  

  1.  Be prepared for inbound calls from an outbound campaign

If your marketing team is running aggressive campaigns, promotions or seasonal offers, you need to equip your system setup to be able to handle more traffic effectively. Last moment preparations could jeopardize the quality benchmark for your contact center and thereby lead to a bad campaign.

  1.  Use easy and intuitive call scripts

The call scripts which a rep is expected to learn by heart and follow, needs to be very intuitive and easy to grasp. Using automatic call distributor, it should become easier to coordinate along while managing multiple calls a day. If the scripts require them to ask long, complicated questions, it is inevitable that they will work efficiently and maximize the use of all possible features your Automatic Call Distributor setup offers.

  1.  Don’t have too many options setup

If you have too many options for a customer to chose and pick from, chances are it will aggravate his frustration. Furthermore, without actually listening to any of them, your caller might rapidly switch back to the traditional channels. He will directly press the hotline button and silently wait in the queue, without exploring any self help options laid out for him.

  1.  Give yourself a call, every now and then

Try calling up your own contact center and keenly notice the average wait time or the hold time you experience. This way, you will be able to figure out how easy or tough it is to get the information you are looking for. If it takes too long or if it makes you frustrated, try changing something in your ACD routing system. After all, your customer is your priority.

If you feel benefited with this blog or would like to add few more tips, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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