Ameyo Dedicates FY 2018-19 to Channel Partners


The first couple of weeks in April this year were more than just routine at Ameyo. Leaders across the functions had gathered to look back upon the year that went by, and to decide the priorities for next year. The marathon discussions sometimes went for more than 20 hours at a stretch. While there were a lot of priorities discussed, one that was unanimously accepted was “Focus on Channel Partners”.

The leadership team at Ameyo decided to dedicate this financial year to partner success and elaborated this vision on the multiple fronts. The different teams at Ameyo are geared up to the vision of partner success and have prepared charters, decided on initiatives and milestones.

Why This Initiative : Learnings From The Last Year

The significant shift in the contact center software industry dynamics which moved towards the convergence of digital channels with traditional contact center channels saw a change of equal magnitude last financial year at Ameyo. The product in itself went through major upgrade from 3.xx to 4.xx series which was well-accepted by our customers and partners. The thrust of this change was felt equally by our partners.  For us at Ameyo, it meant more hand holding for our partners during this transition.

With the lessons learnt during this transition, we are now ready to face any such transition in future. Does this mean, we are expecting more such transitions? Yes, Of course. The product team is busy preparing the building blocks of Ameyo 5.xx series to be launched in Q4 FY 19 (Jan – March 2019). Partners will be the cornerstone to this transition as well.

What Should Our Partners Expect ?

For us at Ameyo, it will mean a significant change in Support models, Delivery models, Product Development methods, Sales focus and Marketing efforts. The partners who have been with us for at least a couple of years would have noticed steps in this direction already.

The Delivery and the Support models will see a closer alignment with the partners. The resulting changes in business processes and team alignment will be communicated soon.

The Product team has already embraced “API-First” development and created a “App – Framework” in our GA 4.1 release. This will be significant for our partners and will lay the foundation stone for our “Ameyo – Apps” program. The partners with development capabilities are significantly going to benefit from this update.

Marketing efforts are also channelized towards partners. Few of our partners should have already received a communication pertaining to it.

The Year Ahead

Our partners have been the cornerstone of our business. Our presence in 60 countries is a testament to what they have achieved over the last decade. With this initiative, We are making ourselves committed and accountable for partner success. FY 2018-19, for sure, will be more exciting a journey than ever!

Author Bio- Rahul Zutshi is Director-Marketing & Strategy at Ameyo, and has been instrumental in devising the Go-To-Market Strategies for the company. With deep expertise and experience in the Contact Center infrastructure, Omni-Channel Customer Experience and Customer Service Operations; Rahul is Ameyo’s Customer Journey Evangelist.