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Ameyo Embarked on a Successful Journey in 2019


Contact centers have been blooming in 2019 and it will continue to be the most dominant sector for all the industries across the world. Following this trail, Ameyo has successfully embarked on a journey to acquire new geographies, establish new partnerships and has become the choicest brand for the customers in 2019.

Honored twice with the “Best Technology Provider” award, Ameyo has made to the list of TMC Awards and BFSI Summit Leadership Awards. Distinguished as the innovator and market leader in emerging markets, Ameyo has established its footprints in new geographies.

The New Geographies

Ameyo has started spreading its legs in 8 new geographies of Africa, the Middle East, and APAC, helping businesses build the future-ready contact center of tomorrow.

In the Middle East, Ameyo is putting its best foot forward in Kuwait and Bahrain, changing the outlook of customer experience. The market is changing in the Middle East and businesses are becoming proactive, prioritizing their customers in all verticals. Starting from Banks to Healthcare, CX has become the center of the Middle East world.

While Ameyo is transforming the idea of CX, our channel partner states that “The disruption has started. Organizations are increasingly moving towards a cloud-based call center set up because of ease of scalability and lesser maintenance responsibility”. With this thought, Ameyo is providing businesses with ease of deployment of cloud-based contact centers in Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East.

In APAC, with customers becoming more informed and tech-savvy, businesses are striving to become the choicest brand. With Ameyo’s Omnichannel Contact Center Software, we were able to establish ourselves in Vietnam and Mongolia along with other countries. In Conversations’19: Global Series of Events, our team of experts has walked around the globe to help businesses unleash the secret to customer win through simplifying customer’s journeys.

Moving around the globe, our team has analyzed how the face of customer service is changing and Africa is no far behind. In Africa, while entring the new countries like Uganda, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Egypt, our industry experts and thought leaders have drawn thought-provoking ideas to overcome the challenges of a contact center.

Moving a step ahead in the customer service game, one of the experts said, 85% times when you call a customer to know why they are becoming inactive is usually about bad service.” How you serve your customers explains the loyalty of your customers. When the customers are valued for their time and faith in your business, they will come back again. Setting an example of excellent customer service in Africa, we’ve increased the overall CSAT score.

Conversations’19 in a Glance

Our team came up with a thought-provoking idea of unleashing the current challenges in contact center space and launched a global series of events through Conversations’19. With our partners, we have engaged with different customers on an open platform where our team has come up with the following insights:

1. Preserving the Context

Have you been asked to repeat your query by a call center agent? If yes, you know the level of dissatisfaction and disappointment it creates. To avoid this problem, our team has come up with the strategy of context-driven conversations. Businesses need to preserve the context throughout the customer’s journey and across all channels to exceed the customer’s expectations and increase the customer satisfaction rate.

2. Why Omnichannel Service is important?

The biggest challenge is that customers have changed and undeniably their expectations are increasing. Customers do not compromise on customer service and they will switch to other brands if you are not meeting their expectations.

Customers expect answers across channels and it has become important for any business to be provide omnichannel support to make it a customer-first world.

3. Capture Customer’s Feedback

Have you analyzed what customers think of your business? Capturing customer’s feedback can solve most of the business’ problems. This gives an insight into which channel is performing excellently and which agent is delivering amazing customer service.

With customer’s feedback, businesses can draw a pattern and understand what is important for their customers. And once you have collected enough data, you can strategize how to solve the most repeated queries with ease.

Ameyo Family

Ameyo has added new regions to our list and we have grown into a big family in 2019. Our family at work belives in One Team One Goal and with the expertise of our strengthening pillars, we have grown 17 years old as one team and one family.


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