Ameyo Updates: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution to Improve CX


To help our customers and partners always stay ahead in the CX game, our motto at Ameyo is to improve and update our software constantly. This time around, we would like to share some interesting updates for Ameyo Omnichannel Contact Center Platform that will improve agent performance significantly and take customer engagement to a whole new level. So, without further ado, here are the updates for your reference-

Ticketing Workflow Automation

The call center executives have to deal with many tickets in a day. This can be overwhelming and lead to some missed steps. To avoid that, the manager (admin) can define some rules to trigger certain actions. This helps in making the life cycle of a ticket as seamless as possible. With the new update, these rules can be set in the following ways:
Event Based: When a particular event takes place and matches the rule conditions, Ticketing action can be triggered. For example, when a new ticket is created or updated or transferred to some other condition.
Time-Based: This facilitates the manager to configure rules with conditions and actions that will be triggered after a specific time interval (for eg.,30 mins) and actions are triggered for rules with the matching condition.
Macros: The agent can perform a set of operations on multiple tickets in one go. Saves up the time to individually choose tickets and then take multiple actions. For example, setting the priority of some tickets to “high” and assigning them to the “support queue.”
Based on these triggers multiple actions can be taken. For instance, if a business process is critical, the manager can change the priority of the said process and the agents will be notified to deal with that on priority. In addition to that, whenever the status of the ticket is changed, a notification can be sent to the customer, informing them about the expected time of resolution.

Dynamic Message Placeholders

A call center executive needs to send out plenty of emails/messages throughout the day. With the canned messages, sending out messages to the customers becomes easier. Following are some of the benefits of this feature:

  • Reduced Human Error: With dynamic placeholders, the chance to make a typo when writing an email or sending out a message to a customer is minimal.
  • Improved Professionalism: Having a standardized template helps to ensure a consistent message is relayed across channels.
  • Reduced TAT: Improved agent productivity leads to faster ticket resolution and happy customers.
  • Personalized Messages: Replaceable variables to personalize the messages according to Customer name, ticket subject or Ticket Id.

Ameyo Bird’s Eye App for Agile Monitoring

The supervisor needs to take spontaneous decisions to maintain the sanity of the contact center operations.This app allows them to get a bird’s eye view of all the campaigns with a single scroll.

  • Holistic view of Campaign Performance: Easy identify the performance gaps for the campaigns to improve operational efficiency.
  • Drilled Down Campaign View: Get a detailed view of everything from Campaigns, Queues, to exact operations metric.
  • Customize Operation Metrics: Track the SLAs and KPIs important for your business. Customize the fields that the supervisor wants to be updated on and set notification alerts for different thresholds.
  • Visual Graphics for Data Analysis: Graphs and Bar Charts for easier data consumption.

Mobile App SDK

Get your entire helpdesk in the palm of your hands. Improve your omnichannel customer support options by having the helpdesk in your native applications using Ameyo’s SDK. This means:

  • Creating and viewing tickets from the Native App: Raise tickets with a click, chat or email. Create tickets for aggravated chats.
  • Preserving the Context: Creating tickets based on context. Ability to add an interaction note with context
  • Flexible options for customers: Enable the customers to update the tickets in real time.
  • Customer Call Backs: The customers can schedule a call back for a convenient time.

Last Mile Ticket Resolution with Field Agent App

This is one of the most important and useful tools for field agents. Since they are always on the move and do not have access to a laptop, let alone a desktop, we have an application to help them manage tickets assigned to them.With this app, the field agents can view and change the primary status of the tickets. The app supports both the platforms – Android and iOS. The agent can also see customer’s information such as their contact number to confirm before reaching the location. Since the application supports Google and Apple Maps, it becomes easier for the agent to find the location. Some of the key advantages of this application can be identified as under:

  • Access all Tickets in one go: Agents can view the assigned tickets with context on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They can access all the pending, incomplete and successful tickets in a single dashboard.
  • Easily Reach the Customer: Click to call and customer site map to help the agent reach the customer swiftly.
  • Easy Ticket Updation: Log ticket disposition within the app. Eg., Pending, incomplete, completed successfully.
  • Customer Feedback: The final status of the ticket will not be closed unless the customer confirms it.

Multi-chat Support for Customer Engagement

The digital natives do not need to feel left behind. We have something for them as well. Ameyo chat supports all the major chat platforms such as Web Chat, In-App Chat, Messenger, Twitter DM, LINE, WeChat and, Viber. Customers appreciate the brands which provide convenience. As a brand, now you can offer the customers various platforms to reach you. Whether the customer raises a query through social media or Messenger a ticket will be created for the same.


Higher Connect Rates with Prioritized Outbound Dialing

The contact centers comprise of both, inbound and outbound calling. When making outbound calls the goal is to ensure maximum connect rates in the targeted segment. The manager can control the order of dialing customers by applying multi-level sorting, thereby ensuring that the targeted leads are dialed first. In multi-level sorting, the admin can choose various parameters to sort the lead list. For instance, based on customer age and then by the number of attempts.

Salesforce Lightning Integration for Customer Interaction History

Get rid of disjointed conversations. With this call center integration with Salesforce, while on the call with a customer, the Ameyo toolbar allows the agent to view all associated cases for that customer. In addition, the agent can also create a new ticket for that account. This mapping of a voice call with existing tickets will help the agent to understand if the customer has been facing problems frequently and based on that the agent can expedite the process to not aggravate the customer further.


Self Service Customer Portal

A self-service portal to empower the customers and keep them in control of their tickets. Using this portal, the customers can create, view and track their tickets from a single user interface. In case the customer missed out on providing some information for an existing ticket, they can add a note for the same. If the customers are not satisfied with the solution to their case, they can reopen them for further action.

No more Missed Tickets

Do not lose out on an opportunity to serve the customers par expectations. Not even during non-business or holiday hours. With this new-age, it is possible to capture the missed/offline chat transcripts. The customers can leave a message during non-office/holiday hours for which a ticket will be created in the system. The agents can filter these interactions to make sure no interaction is left unattended.

Concluding Thoughts

We are confident that these updates will be valued by our customers and partners. We have taken into account customer/partner feedback and the input from the R&D team to add these small yet significant updates that leverage the overall performance of Ameyo Omnichannel platform.

Shambhavi Sinha

Shambhavi Sinha is working as an SEO expert at Ameyo. She also likes to write tech-based stuff. Her aim is to provide knowledge to users by sharing the knowledge about the latest trends about contact centers.