How to Build your Brand Trust with Truecaller Business

Truecaller Business

In today’s time, customer calling has become a business activity that requires extra caution while executing. With advanced caller IDs that center on making users’ lives better and clutter-free from spam calls, businesses have become challenging to carry out their calling campaigns or reach out to their desired consumers. It is far easier to get into the spam list for contact center numbers than connect with the user.

In such a scenario, the campaign budget goes to waste. The brand image also gets tarnished and gets labeled as a spam caller. The inability of brands to distinguish themselves from a sea of spam callers is a legitimate branding issue. There is no way for the customer to know if the business trying to contact them is genuine, relevant, or important to them.

Due to a lack of identity and trust, almost 70 percent of such calls get ignored by customers. But businesses can sort all these issues with a simple identity verification that will assure the user of the calling brand’s authenticity. Truecaller does precisely this by providing businesses with a verified identity badge that lets users know who is calling them.

What is Truecaller Verified Business?

Truecaller Business

Truecaller for business is the enterprise solution by one of the world’s widely used caller ID applications, i.e., Truecaller. This business solution focuses on serving brands to help with their outbound calling and get better results from their campaigns.

A Truecaller Verified Business is a commercial entity with a unique caller ID on the Truecaller database. This caller ID appears on the user’s mobile screen whenever a verified business tries to contact them and helps them stand out from the crowd of spam callers by establishing their brand name, industry tags, verified badge, and company logo.

Several features accomplish this on the app-enabled for registered companies on the Truecaller business platform. A set number of parameters that visually differentiate the verified businesses and backend features that give insights on the calling activities have helped many brands worldwide increase their brand trust amongst users.

Though a visual identity may sound like something that can be spoofed, the Truecaller verified badge comes through a process and cannot be replicated for fraudulent work. This is how businesses can distinguish themselves from the horde of callers out there and build a reliable and trustworthy communication channel through calling.

Key Features of Truecaller for Business

So, what and how does Truecaller for Business enable brands to make the necessary impact?

The key features of this software let a business carefully curate an identity that works in reaching the desired set of users without tampering with the brand value.

Truecaller Business

1. Visually Prominent Identity

People do not attend most outbound commercial calls because of anonymity or negative feedback on Caller IDs like Truecaller and Google caller ID. Truecaller for business lets you prominently place your brand name and logo across the user screen while calling, helping in removing the anonymity element.

2. Designated Industry Vertical

Along with name and logo, the program also lets businesses specify their industry vertical to give even more clarity to the user. So whether you are a delivery service, real estate business, finance service, or from the education sector, everybody gets the opportunity to highlight that to the audience.

3. Priority Calling Feature

This feature allows the caller to mark the call as time-sensitive. The receiver would know beforehand that the call is urgent or important somehow.

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4. Protected Brand Identity

The verified badge provided to registered businesses on Truecaller allows them to save their brand name from being misused by imposters.

5. Call Reason Feature

Every feature on this program has equal importance, but the call reason feature will change the way of communication between businesses and customers. With this feature, the customer gets to know the reason for the call before picking it up, as it appears on the screen below the caller ID. This creates a space for trust to be built between the parties.

6. Insights and Analytics

Truecaller for Business is not just a register of verified businesses but a full-fledged solution for enterprises to improve their calling processes. With the insights that the dashboard collects, a company can improve upon the weak aspects of the campaign.

Boost your Brand Trust With Truecaller Business

The brand-building process relies heavily on trust between the company and the consumer. If this trust gets breached for any reason, then years of hard work that goes into building an image can crumble. Being marked as a spam caller is one of those scenarios that can hurt the brand image, its customer support arm, outbound campaigns, etc.

However, tools such as Truecaller for Business can limit the impact of such instances to a great extent. Cellular calling and the Internet ceased to be two different modes of communication long back. It is now crucial for a company to manage its reputation across all channels.

Truecaller Business
  1. A company can reach out to its targeted customer without anonymity. When a caller is an upfront with their identity and agenda, the call receiver also feels confident in taking up the call.
  1. The same business can capitalize on customer contact with the right intent and approach. If they can put themselves across as a genuine business entity, then the chance of them being spam marked gets quite low. Hence, maintaining the brand image by taking care of the customer experience.
  2. The insights on calling activities can help brands with making wiser decisions. This can be one of those steps where a contact center stops reaching out to non-responsive users to avoid unnecessary flagging.


Using appropriate technology to safeguard one’s brand image should be common. But unfortunately, one out of every four calls that a user receives is out of their phonebook. With so much noise, legitimate businesses are also suffering.

Calling is the most efficient way for a brand to establish contact with its customer. With Truecaller for Business, they can cut through all the clutter to reach these customers, maintain the sanctity of their brand, and even use the opportunity to boost this image against the pile of unnecessary calling campaigns.

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