Why Businesses are moving to the Cloud Contact Center Solutions in South Africa?


Successful businesses choose innovation and they invest in contact center technology that keeps up with the customer service standards. Customer experience has become the talk of the town and there isn’t a business that is not swept by the wave of this change.

And why not? The cloud contact center is the future, and the future starts today with the change. With the ease of deployment, cloud contact center solutions are a rescue to challenges like working across different geographies, scalability, operational costs, security, and compliance.

According to Forbes, 83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020.

The cloud model, hosted over the internet, has everything that you would get on-premise, only with a lot more ease of connecting your agents with other agents and customers. From Abacus Insurance to 3 Way marketing, businesses are choosing cloud to deliver value for each interaction, making cloud the solution for simplifying interactions.

What does Cloud Contact Center Solutions bring to your business?

Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud based contact center software provides easy scaling up to accommodate an unanticipated call volume around holidays, and then scale down when additional resources aren’t needed.

For instance, in the travel industry, you may get a large number of inquiries about holiday packages and you need more agents to handle all the queries. Don’t worry, you are in safe hands because virtual call center software provides easy scaling without any hassle.

Improved Business ROI

Are you wondering how? Once you move to the cloud, you can forget about the costs involved in hardware installation. With a minimum investment, you can go up and running in less time. But, how does that add value to your ROI?

Operate your business with ease and monitor call details, agents’ performance, call volume trends, call distribution and more in one screen without worrying about multiple software. Integrate your cloud contact center solution with platforms like CRM, multiple channels for driving contextual interactions, allowing your customers to access different channels without any additional cost.

Channelize Cyber Security

Moving to cloud brings its own kind of data threats and compromising on sensitive data is not an option.

Studies say, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for enhanced customer experience.

Customers share their data by placing their faith in your brand. They want proven security and you can deliver the comprehensive customer experience by saving data leakage with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ensure a safe customer service environment.


Ensure Business Continuity

Moving from on-premise to cloud based contact center solutions ensures that your business is running without a break. In case of unprecedented disaster, cloud solution provides a high level of business continuity as the redundancy/backup is availed as a default offering by cloud contact center software providers.

Due to operational hardware failure, it may take months to recover on-premise. But, on-cloud, you will not have to lose on your business even for a day. You can continue to serve your customers with a promise of 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA).

In a nutshell

It’s time that you move to cloud contact center and improve your business efficiency by being the leader of this change. Avoid the need to have technical assistance, making your business a hassle-free go-to platform for your customers.


Here’s the key to change your customer experience game and build a brand of tomorrow by moving on a resilient cloud contact center software.