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By Ignoring IVR Analytics, you are Ignoring the Future


Truth be told – your IVR should never be ignored, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) analytics play an all important role in the development of MNCs and other firms. Ignoring IVR can become a big problem in the coming future.
It is the end to end call assessment solution. IVR analytics should be a part of every contact center’s customer experience strategy, to say the least.
IVR analytics – the paradigm shift
What has changed in IVR over the years? Why do you have to think more about your IVR now?
Customers who call to the contact center begins their experience when they initiate the call and not when the agent responds to the call. Services provided by IVR to the customer are changing on a daily basis. Nowadays, customers don’t tolerate any IVR process that leads to a waste of their precious time.
The new age customer can and will share any and every of their experiences and feedbacks through social media about the products/services provided. This sharing on social media platforms can directly affect the development of the business. Contact centers have to take serious note of everything that they got to give, what exactly the customer wants, and if they are providing the customers a satisfactory experience.
Analyse, understand and engage better
Interactive voice response process is a highly effective method that should always be preserved by the company or firm for a satisfactory experience of customers. To engage better with customers, contact centers have to record all the information on the customer – their problems, feedbacks and wants, so that the customer can be known more and the company can provide what the customer needs. In return, this will help in enhancing customer engagement with IVR. If IVR is ignored, it would greatly affect the benefits of any business. Recognition of speech has always been a challenge for the whole business surroundings. However, overcoming that challenge can be done easily by IVR analytics.
IVR will particularly be important for call centers and other recognised departments within the enterprises because of the inbuilt behaviour to lower and cut down on the ratio of traffic needed to be handled by agents. This processing will help in improving efficiency and lowering the cost. Thus, it helps in benefitting the firm’s business ways. When IVR analytics are ignored, it can completely crush that business enterprise which needs IVR more than they know.

The choice of IVR system is right for your business if it is not being ignored. All the employees sit and answer phone calls all day which is a costly undertaking for small business. To know that their employee is productive as possible, many firms of different background automate their phone answering system with IVR technology. The process allows computers to respond to customer calls by giving them answers to their questions.

What if the future of IVR?
Customers know that agents will not be perfect. They want the agent or CCE to fix things when they go wrong. Consumers expect their answers immediately and there is only one process that can do that for companies – IVR. There is no time to waste if a company wants to provide top level customer service. However, the aspects of IVR are changing over the years for the betterment of customer experience and their satisfaction.
IVR holds the key to improving the service for customers in an immediate format. IVR systems are becoming supremely advanced for the future. Therefore the system cannot be ignored at all. Communicate with the calls and give them the answers customers are actually looking for. And they can do this in a timely manner with IVR analytics.


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