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Call Center Interview Questions to Prepare Yourself


 Call center jobs pay well and there are plenty of opportunities for social interactions. So if you are a peoples’ person and you like to solve problems, a call center is a good place to work.

But before you can get the job, you have to go through a batch of interviews. Here, it literally pays if you are prepared. There are different questions for inbound customer service and outbound service. Here are the top questions. 

Inbound customer service

Inbound customer service questions cover the basis of call etiquette, problem resolution, customer service and others.

Why did you leave your last job?

This is a trick question because anything you say can be used against you. So always take a positive tone when you answer this question. You can say the job wasn’t challenging or you spent a lot of time waiting for calls. Don’t speak negatively about your last company because the interviewer might think what will stop you from speaking negatively about this company if and when you leave.

How will you handle an angry customer?

You should say, first you will allow the customer to vent his or her anger. But if the customer uses profanities, you will tell the customer you are ready to listen but only if they stop using bad language. Next, note down the key points of what they tell you. Then find a solution inside your company policy and communicate the same to the customer.

What will you do if you have a conflict with your manager or team leader?

You can say you have a strong work ethic so you don’t think there will be any conflict. But in case there is one, you are willing to talk to the manager or team leader and resolve the problem. If you are wrong and you realize it, you will accept the mistake immediately and convey the same to your manager.

Can you handle a high pressure work space?

You can say you are an organized person and you prioritize your work so that you can do everything on time and with quality. You can add, you also make space for contingencies so your work remains unaffected.

Outbound customer service

These questions are usually asked of people who aspire to become telesales representatives.

How many calls can you make in an hour on an average?

You will have to do some homework to answer this question. First, find out what your average call handle time is. Divide 60 by this number and you will get the number of calls you can take in an hour. On an average, it will be around 15-20 calls. If you are on a predictive dialer, you can take more calls.

Tell us about your strength and weaknesses

Your answer should be relevant to telecalling. For strengths, say that you can speak effectively and you have an ability to persuade people. Second, you listen to your clients and this helps you identify their needs better and offer appropriate solutions. Your one weakness is that you tend to get too involved in the conversation. But you have spoken to your previous manager about it and you don’t have that problem anymore.

What goals would you pursue as a telemarketer?

You will say you want to pursue a short learning curve on this job. If you do this, you can be one of the top performers in the company in the next six months. After showing consistent results for 12 months, you want to become a team leader. You believe that growing with the company will give you a sound foundation for your career.

How will you handle a customer who yells at you when he realizes you are a telemarketer?

You understand that irate customers are part of the package. If a customer shouts at you when he hears that you are a telemarketer, you will immediately try to calm him down with an apology. You will then request him to give you a time to call back so the customer does not lose out on the benefits of your company’s products.

What will you do if the dialer puts you in touch with a Do Not Call number?

When you realize the dialer has connected me with a ‘do not call’ number, you will immediately apologize to the customer. You will inform the customer that you have included their number in your company’s internal DNC list. You will also make a note of it in the CRM software so another agent does not have to deal with the same problem. As soon as you cut the call, you will speak to your manager about it.

Call center interviews are quite complex. There are a number of factors involved and you must be prepared for expected questions. Look into your prior experience and try to come up with your own questions and the best solution in that case.

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