Contact Center: From Infrastructure to Business Enabler


We have stepped in an era where the face of contact centers have changed and businesses are adopting the technologies to be available for their customers across touchpoints. But, how contact centers impact businesses? Moving from solving 80% queries over calls to analyzing customer journey while working across departments, businesses are working on a large amount of data to resolve TAT issues across channels. Undeniably, customer service is not limited to one department and to solve a customer problem what we need is context-driven engagement.

How to deliver a customer experience that the customers want?

With the changing role of customers in the past few years, businesses are striving to deliver the experience that would leave no stone unturned for customers. Starting from customer service and moving to sales, the one answer is consistency where customers do not even have to raise queries because they get an instant solution to all their answers through automation.

Nafees Ahmed, CIO, Indiabulls, and Sachin Bhatia, Co-Founder, Ameyo have given us the answers to why a Contact Center becomes a Business Enabler when the CIOs focus 70% on understanding the business and 30% on implementing the technology.

Nafees Ahmed has let us in the growth of Indiabulls while reducing the TAT from 3-4 business days to 3 minutes for their customers and that’s where we start calling the contact centers as business enablers. “In the last one year, we have disbursed 2M loans, the goal is to do 10M loans in this Financial Year,” he has noted in our Webinar: Contact Center: From Infrastructure to Business Enabler.

“For a wow experience, I know where my customer is and what are their expectations,” added Nafees as an undeniable fact that context is the savior across departments.

To simplify the customer journey, he has noted that, “Everybody is connected on the same platform and could access customer information through and through,” to ensure that no customer goes back unsatisfied. They should get the answers that they are looking for.

How an enhanced IVR is the answer to most queries?

Nafees Ahmed has explained how agile solutions have become the choice of today’s CIOs and CEOs. Moving from legacy contact center where it took a month’s time to change anything on the IVR to a solution that caters to reducing the process 48 hours for implementing, they are perpetually growing and disbursing loans across India.

For Indiabulls, IVR has done magic and you cannot deny looking at the stats below:

  • The call connectivity has risen to 99%
  • Top queries and requests are catered on IVR
  • Call routing is developed through IVR selection
  • Recognizing and prioritizing important clients

Businesses that run on data are striving to solve customer queries through IVR but with a complex solution, it becomes laborious for them to change anything in the IVR technology.

Thought-Provoking Key Takeaways

  1. Data Analytics: How would you decide to cater to the pain points of your customer? Did you collect their feedback to draw meaningful patterns through the data? “Data collection is the real answer to all business problems as it helps in making decisions and identifying the persisting problems”, Sachin Bhatia has reiterated in the webinar.
  2. Personalized Customer Experience: How to reduce customers’ efforts and simplify their journey? In a customer-centric world, as I have explained earlier why the context is the king. It’s not a night’s effort that will land you right in customer’s good books. Delivering a consistent service that has no flaws and that does not demand efforts from the customers should be promised to solve the customer retention problem.

How Nafees Ahmed and his team successfully achieved the TAT of 3 minutes?

They have a 30 seconds lag strategy throughout their business. If a customer spends some time in the mobile application and he/she is stuck somewhere for 30 seconds, they are assisted by real-time agents and their journey is simplified in just 3 minutes’ time. Customers can opt for a live agent and they will be assisted through the process ensuring that the loan money is transferred in their account in those 3 minutes.

To hear meaningful insights from Nafees Ahmed and Sachin Bhatia, download the webinar here.

Businesses’ KPIs have changed over time and now they look for simplifying customer journey with the advanced technologies and they are putting their best foot forward while Ameyo is helping them take control of their business through Contact Center Software.