Different Types of Dialers for Handling all Situations in Contact Centers


Unless you live in a different world, you must have received a call from an executive that says, “Hi, would you like to get a Credit Card?” These executives are the backbone of the businesses, be it small, mid-size, or large enterprises. And making sales calls all day long is a difficult task to do. Sales reps are constantly working to simplify a customer’s journey with the brand, pushing their deadlines to convert leads faster.

But, did you know that you can make your outbound call center agents’ life easy with a call center dialer software? You can optimize your dialing strategy with an outbound dialer to increase your business efficiency and decrease the manual tasks. For instance, a call center dialer could be programmed to use the service provider for domestic calls, and another for international calls. If your business has reached a point where you need to ramp up your outbound dialing strategy, then you need a dialer software for call center that is tailor-made for your business calls.

A call center dialer software automates the process of dialing in a contact center, it dials the contact lists on behalf of agents, thus helping in increasing their productivity.

There are different types of call center dialer solutions that you can choose from to suit your business-specific needs.

Types of Call Center Dialer Solutions:

Preview Dialer

Preview dialers help the agents to get a preview of the customer’s information before the call gets connected. Preview dialers work best when you need to upsell or cross-sell to your HNI customers. Providing customer information prior to the call prepares agents well to deliver a personalized experience. The admins can configure the time to display customer information, it can be set as 5 seconds before the call or 10 seconds.

If you are in a collections business, your sales reps can use some information like date of the last installment, payment reminder, etc, to engage with the customer without stalling them with unwanted information.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is suitable for businesses that have high call volumes. A predictive dialing strategy collects a large amount of data like agents’ average handling time, agents availability, and then start to place a call when the agent becomes available. According to Predictive Dialer Algorithm, the dialer dials out several calls simultaneously and with answering machine detection, detects if the call is answered by a human being, machine, or not answered. It will route the calls to agents only when the call is answered by a human being.

Predictive dialers dramatically increase the agents’ productivity by reducing the idle time between the calls, ensuring that the sales reps spend their time on calls and do not struggle with unanswered calls.

The dialer works intelligently according to agents’ availability, it uses predictive analysis on the basis of past call trends to ensure that when the agent will become available again, the next call is already patched. For instance, if an agent takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds on an average for each call, the dialer will start to dial out another call every 3 minutes to ensure that the agents get the time to wrap the call and are prepared for the next call.

The effectiveness of this dialer works on several factors such as Max Pacing Ratio, Call Drop Ratio, Agent Wait Time, and Variance Factor.

Progressive Dialer

This dialer works in similar fashion as that of Predictive mode, except that dialing only begins once an agent becomes available. The number of calls dialed is equal to the number of agents available. It is ideal for businesses that are engaged in telemarketing. Unlike predictive dialers, progressive dialers make calls one after the other and it utilizes agents’ availability to answer the calls.

This dialer works best for high-quality leads where you do not want your customers to experience silent calls. In this dialing strategy, your agents can deliver a more personalized interaction, thus increasing their productivity.

In a Nutshell

Making outbound sales calls can be stressful but with the right dialer software for outbound call center can increase your business ROI by manifolds. It’s time to equip your agents with the right tools to increase their productivity that helps them increase your business efficiency at large.

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