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How E-Commerce Contact Center Can Deliver Better Customer Support


According to statista, E-Commerce will reach $4.88 trillion in sales by the end of 2021.

And 67% of millennial are using an online platform to do shopping. E-commerce has seen a rising boom in the market ever since it has evolved and continues to be the first priority for customers.

Organizations are looking for a faster way of communication to maintain consistency and provide value to customers across channels. In the E-commerce industry, delivering exceptional customer support becomes a priority. You cannot miss even a single interaction and avoid one call because one escalation can cause big losses.

So, how do you deliver customer support that adds value to customer’s journey? Consistency is the answer. Handling customer interactions with an effective customer management system help the businesses to grow exponentially.

Challenges faced by E-Commerce Industry

  1. Higher Ticket Handling Time: Tracking customer’s history and managing ticket through all channels become a challenge when there is a large volume of customers coming in with their queries. Customers do not like to be told to wait on hold while agents are fetching the information and an angry customer needs to be prioritized.
  2. Losing the Context of Interaction: Customers seek support from businesses on mobile, chat, social and messaging platforms. Agents end up asking the same question being unaware of the context and customers end up being frustrated.
  3. Low Agent Productivity: Calls are routed to agents for mundane queries and they spend most of their time in providing repetitive answers that reduce their productivity and hampers the efficiency.

Organizations are seeking to provide end-to-end seamless customer experience and overcome these challenges with an effective solution. This can only be possible by implementing a strategy that allows the organizations to monitor customer behavior and ensure a customer service that solves customer’s queries at once. An effective contact center solution in place will eliminate all the challenges and make the agent’s life smooth.

Here, we’ll cover some ways that will help your E-commerce brand to deliver wow experience to the customers:

Quick Customer Support

Mike placed an order to surprise his brother and is expecting a quick delivery. He calls in to check the order status which says that it will be delivered in 3 days and he gets really excited. The delivery gets delayed which leads to Mike’s frustration. With a Contact Center Software, it’s easy to notify Mike about the delivery status, thus avoiding escalation.

Millennial do their work on mobile phones, sending prompt notifications through SMS and email using in-app feature allows agents to resolve customer’s queries.

Integrate to Maintain Context

Mike calls in to raise a refund ticket because expired medicines were delivered. So, agents understand that he is already not satisfied with the service. Asking him the same question might escalate the case therefore, customer’s information can be populated in an integrated CRM that allows agents to have an intelligent view of previous interactions.

Manage Customer’s Queries with Ease on Single Screen

Agents spend a lot of time in toggling off between the tabs. While talking to Mike, agents will see the urgency of ticket resolution. They can avoid SLA breach because all tickets are assembled on one screen without having to switch between multiple tabs. Merge tickets with similar context and split tickets that need to be addressed separately to maintain consistency of customer support.

Along with Mike’s ticket, she/he can also be informed about pending tickets on Unified Agent Desktop.

Engage on Social Media

E-commerce industry cannot ignore even one interaction on any channel. When Mike chooses to post a review on your Facebook page complaining about his refund claim, it needs to be resolved immediately. Mobile phones have made it easy for customers to reach on social media instantly.

Build a personal relationship with customers and delight them with a quick response that will drive loyalty. With a smart contact center solution, you can notify Mike about his ticket status while interacting personally.

Let the fingers do Talking

Mike has spent 3-5 minutes on your product page. Trigger a chat to guide him in the right direction. Chat support does what a call or email can’t. Personal interaction with the customer will resolve his query and you can create a LITE Ticket that does not need further actions because most of the queries can be solved via in-app or web-based chat.

Just one click and the chat messenger window can surprise Mike with the information that he was looking for. Send him relevant links to your product page while carefully monitoring his journey.

E-commerce industry works on strategic planning and if you will not create value for your customers, someone else will. The right customer support software embedded in your system will benefit manifolds. Provide amazing mobile experience to the millennial with Contact Center Software and create a brand value that let’s you walk one step ahead of the technology.


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