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Customer Support System

Improve Service Delivery and Simplify Support Operations​

What is a Customer Support System?

A customer support system helps an organization to manage customer service requests and interact with the customers to resolve their support tickets. A comprehensive customer support software or a help desk software helps you streamline the customer service process by automating the complete ticketing process, providing omnichannel support, customizing performance reports and dashboards for faster and quality service delivery.

Customer support system is the backbone of your business, and a right help desk software will assist you to position your customer service as a competitive advantage.

Why Do You Need A Customer Support System?


Handle Multi-channel Interactions with Ease

Customer support system lets your agents carry out multiple actions on one platform. Agents do not have to toggle between multiple screens and applications for answering a customer call, replying to an email or chat conversation to resolve customer queries.


Drive Customer Centric Communication

Communicating with customers with a customer Support software to answer their support queries is simple and quick if your customer service agents have clear context of previous interactions across multiple channels, tickets and other customer related data in single unified screen.

Automate Tasks for Operational Efficiency

With a customer support system, you can automate help desk operations like ticket assignment to increase efficiency and save agents’ time and efforts. Agents can focus on critical customer issues when they are freed from monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Accelerate Service Delivery with Self-Service

An effective customer care software equips customers with self-service option to find answers to queries on their own. This expedites service delivery by letting customers access quick information while reducing the number of support calls or emails.


Measure and Analyze Support Metrics

With a smart customer support system, you can track your team’s performance, Relevant data gives you insight on key performance metrics and helps to analyze the gaps in service delivery. Real-time performance monitoring helps to meet SLA goals for response and resolution times.


Extend Reach via Mobile Support & Integration

Mobile support makes help desk solution more accessible. You can help customers wherever they are at their convenience. Seamless integration with your existing CRM application makes it easy to consolidate data across systems and scale the current support process.

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Check Out All the Customer Support Features Ameyo Offers

Customer Support Software that improves service delivery for customers and simplifies support operations for agents.

Omnichannel Ticketing System

Ameyo Help desk software allows creating tickets through multiple communication channels like Phone, Email, Social Media, Chat, etc by unifying customer communications across different channels. It simplifies leveraging widely used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Viber, WeChat, etc. to quickly address customer queries. Ameyo makes it easy for your customers to raise tickets via the medium of their choice at their convenience.

Provide Quick Support

Unified Support Agent Interface

With Ameyo customer support system, all your support tickets, interactions, and related customer information get pulled into a single interface, wherein agents can easily manage and follow up on them. Unified agent desktop helps to access all information in seconds to smartly respond to customer queries. Agents can drive customer-centric conversations when all the interactions across multiple channels are represented as a single stream of conversation. 

Automated Ticketing Operations

Intelligent customer support software enables you to manage support tickets through smart automation based on predefined rules and triggers. With Ameyo customer support system, you can automate which tickets to serve first through auto ticket prioritization workflows. Automation rule engine lets you create customized workflows based on time-based and event-based triggers for dynamic ticket assignment to the best-suited agent to efficiently meet SLAs. 


Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard

Data insight on key performance metrics helps you optimize your customer support process. Managers can monitor various performance metrics to identify service gaps in real time and take immediate corrective actions. Intuitive dashboards assist agents to improve their daily operations by tracking the status of received and resolved tickets for their daily work hours. Ameyo customer support system gives you drill down a real-time view of all the operational metrics.

Mobile Customer Support

Ameyo mobile ready help desk software enables you to access and resolve tickets on the go. This makes the solution more accessible and allows connecting with customers on the field and updating ticket status in real time. Ameyo’s field service application lets you take control of your last mile ticket resolution by tackling customer issues from anywhere any time.


Easy Integration with Third-Party CRMs

If you already have an existing CRM solution and are looking to expand operations by incorporating a help desk, then Ameyo has your back. Ameyo Customer support system seamlessly integrates with all the major CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. to give agents a 360-degree view of customers. When agents have all the customer related information available on their screen, they can initiate context driven personalized conversations.


“Ameyo empowered us with an end-to-end system that was easy to use. Furthermore, we were delighted with the capability of the solution to match to our specific business processes and enhance our customer experience”



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