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Ec3 Selects Ameyo to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Press-Release Ameyo

Gurgaon, May 27, 2015: Contact Center software provider and customer experience engagement experts, Ameyo (www.ameyo.com) is extremely pleased to announce that Ec3, a BPO contact center based in South Africa has implemented Ameyo to power their growing customer base of business requirements.

Ec3 BPO primarily focuses on outbound domestic affinity and retention strategies, and is acknowledged as the preferred partner for Blue Chip companies listed on the JSE. They cater multiple businesses of varying process requirements i.e; Telco retention, cross-sales, lead generation, and VAS product development demanding customized customer platform for each business process.

The Africa based BPO contact center was previously using a solution that was having difficulty in keeping pace with changing business demands and customizations. The company was facing challenges while integrating with third party applications and were lacking proper reporting functionality, which led them to search for an intelligent customer interaction management software.

Handling multiple business processes, Ec3 was particularly keen on Quality Assessment measures, where Ameyo was able to provide 100% Call Recording through Ameyo Voice Logger. Ameyo was able to provide a better agent management platform with supervisory monitoring and reporting tools, witnessing a 30% improvement in agent productivity.

Ec3’s major requirement was a solution that address their lead management process, ensuring no leads were wasted. They needed a solution that was efficient in recycling leads based on customized call dispositions. Ameyo Scripter was a prime feature capability that displayed a compilation of customer context customized as per business process, arming agents with critical information to address the call in the best possible manner.

Ameyo Preview Dialer enabled the agents to preview customer information without squandering for data through multiple systems. It allowed agents to prep before the call was connected providing them time to take notes on how best to take the call forward. The supervisory team of Ec3 was delighted with the cradle-to-the-grave reporting functionality of Ameyo that generated reports based on customers’ requirement, providing supervisors with real-time information on leads dialed, converted, sales made, failed calls, etc.

“Ultimately it has been the CAN DO attitude of the entire team but especially Mr Sam Alexander who has been ultra-accommodating and held our hands throughout the process. At the end of the day, the system is great but it’s the people behind it all that make the difference. We have never at any stage felt that we were dealing with a large corporate who didn’t care. I will unconditionally recommend Drishti to small and large companies who want an efficient system that delivers an exceptional ROI. For passion and commitment, you will go a long way to find another long term partner like our friends in India.” – Mr. Clint Waltman, Shareholder, Ec3 South Africa

Ameyo has served large enterprises from industry verticals including Banking, E-commerce, Telecom, and Healthcare. Ec3 can easily leverage this experience to serve bigger accounts with high-end requirements such as omni-channel customer engagement facility.

“Working with Ec3 to design its contact center solution has been a great journey and the commitment by them to deliver the best experience for their customers is admirable,” said Aditya Bhagat, Senior Vice President of International Business, Ameyo. “Ec3 will now be able to cater to various industry verticals as Ameyo has the functionality and flexibility to adapt to the disparate business process of customers. With Ameyo, Ec3 is now future ready.”

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