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Embrace These Omnichannel Strategies To Digitally Transform Your Contact Center


We live in the age of digital transformation, but are businesses really ready to address the needs of digital savvy customer?

Picture this – you have some queries regarding the mobile services plan, so you started a web chat session using the ‘click to chat’ option on your service provider’s ‘Help and Support’ web page. However, you didn’t get the required information after 5 minutes on chat, and hence you call up a customer service representative (CSR). The CSR asks the same questions that the web chat agent had already asked earlier. And we all know rest of the story – as we’ve been there multiple times, ending up in frustration.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that businesses are currently suffering from a ‘multichannel syndrome’. All of them are providing multiple channels for their customers to reach out to them, but sadly – all these channels are managed in silos, thereby increasing the customer hassles, instead of providing a seamless customer experience. And on the other hand, businesses also suffer in terms of reduced revenue and increased support calls.

The only way to overcome this situation is to deliver an ideal omnichannel customer experience to ensure consistent, seamless and personalized interactions. True omnichannel customer experience implies strong alignment among various touch points, to give the customers a feeling of interacting with a brand rather than siloed channels.

To ensure this, businesses need to revamp their contact centers and devise their core customer experience vision around the following omnichannel strategies

360 Degree View of the Customer

The 360 degree view of the customer translates into a unified presentation, view and access to customer data and interactions across various channels. Information about a single customer tends to be kept in siloed systems with various departments, resulting into multiple data sets or customer profiles. The first step towards building seamless customer journeys across multiple touchpoints is to have an unified customer view which helps the organizations to deliver uninterrupted and personalised interactions, which will ultimately result in better customer engagement and great CX memories.

Strong Front-office & Back-office Accountability

One of the biggest challenge for contact centres is to integrate the front-office and back-office processes. This is pivotal for a great end-to-end customer journey. The focus on end-to-end customer journeys requires bridging the gap between various business units and functions. Integration between the existing telephony infrastructure of the contact center, CRM, and the simultaneous back-office processes ensure that all interactions are managed and routed, without any disruptions and on a priority basis. Thus, customers can easily complete a multitouch transaction without any hassles or delay.

Agent Empowerment 

The ultimate goal of delivering superior customer experience depends upon a simplified agent experience, to a great extent. If an agent has to struggle to find the requisite information across various systems and views, it’s not only the time that gets wasted, but productivity also gets affected. All this eventually leads to hindered customer experience. Also, agents should be able to switch between the channels swiftly, without loosing the context of customer interactions. The easier and quicker the agent experience, the better and seamless customer interactions would become.

Use Omnichannel Contact Center Software to streamline the customer experience across all the channels like Voice, Email, Chat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messanger and more.


Omnichannnel experience is the only way ahead to survive in the age of digital transformation and it’s better to start at the right time to deliver Seamless, Engaged and Now Customer Experience. Also, do let me know what all strategies are you following to transform your contact centre, in the comment section below.

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