Embracing Video Chat in the Contact Center business – Why Now?


While the world is stuck with COVID-19 pandemic, home visits and personal meetings are fading away. Today’s climate is surrounded by “social distancing” measures and has changed the ways of human interactions. In the past few months, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way people are interacting and businesses are working. But meetings are here to stay forever; be it virtually in the light of this new world. While there is no crystal ball to see the future, people are anticipating a return to normalcy.

In the current situation, the rising popularity of video conferencing/calling via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype in a common man’s life has raised expectations for businesses to offer a personalized experience via video chat. Video conversations add a human touch and help people feel connected. Looking at the situation, embracing Video Call Center Software is a logical way to help customers faster and better in their moment of need.

Outlined below are a few examples of our daily life conversations where Video call center solution can transform the customer experience:

  1. Virtual Personal Discussions: Personal discussions over video help add the oomph factor to a general conversation handled by relationship managers. It helps clients get a better understanding of the financial products and offerings and the virtual face-to-face conversation helps build trust. The beauty of video conversations is that they help build emotional connections and help in faster sales closure.
  2. Co-browsing with Video Conversations– Co-browsing while on a video conversation provides the right virtual assistance at the right time. People often struggle with explaining the hardware related issues to contact center agents or get stuck while filling out some form. Video chat can provide a faster resolution to the customer with the agent guiding them at every step.
  3. Video-Based KYC– Video KYC helps customers with easier and faster verification in the banking and insurance sector in a secure environment while sitting at their homes. No more personal visits or unnecessary delays due to the physical verification process can help with faster and seamless approvals.
  4. Real-time support with E-counselling – Video-based conversations can help with a human-like experience for people requiring in-person help in case of medical or psychological issues or while choosing career selection paths. Video shortens call handling times and helps develop a better understanding of the person in need. In such scenarios, video dramatically helps in outperforming conversations as compared to all other existing channels.

Now considering the business perspective of video conversations, here are the key benefits:

  1. It can help in improving the ROI by helping in delivering a seamless experience with an improved first call resolution rate with agents helping with live gestures and co-browsing.
  2. It can drastically improve sales closures by catalyzing in developing long term relationships with customers.
  3. It can help with cross-selling and upselling opportunities with a virtual face-to-face experience of discussing customer demands.
  4. Video chat has the potential to reduce customers from getting churned with one-on-one human-like interaction.

In the Nutshell

Video chat can work wonders across the customer journey. Video chat as a customer engagement channel can uplift the bar of customer service standards. Seeing the current market and environmental situations, organizations have been working on adopting Video contact center and video chat tech barriers have also come down in recent years. In the current COVID affected times, businesses should certainly embrace this engagement channel to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.