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How Best to Manage Remote Contact Center Teams and Operations


How are you managing your remote contact center teams? Are you also struggling with issues like – infrastructure, agent productivity, security, customer outreach, operation, and agent monitoring, etc to name a few? Ameyo recently partnered with Leadsquared for a webinar on answering some of these questions and providing businesses with the best solutions to sail through this time.

Challenges with Remote Working

1. Accessibility to System

When the agents do not have access to a laptop/desktop at their home or don’t have a stable internet connection, it leads to underutilization of the remote workforce and higher operating costs.

2. Data Security

As a business, you don’t want the customer data to be misused and would like to prevent data theft. Additionally, in many verticals like BFSI where there is sensitive data, there are stringent regulations and compliance that the organizations need to adhere to.

3. Collaboration

When the call center agents are working from one location or practically sitting beside each other, seeking help with a query is much easier. However, team collaboration becomes difficult when all the agents are working from home.

4. Tracking Team Effort

With no more face to face team meetings and huddles for faster allocation of work, while keeping track of the activities of agents, one needs to find other ways to ensure the team is on the same page even when working remotely.

5. Contextual Conversations

In the usual work from office scenario, the call centre agents have access to an array of features and integrations, and systems. What about when they are working remotely? Can the same be achieved from a remote contact center setup?

6. Voice Quality

Ensuring high call quality outside of the office location without hampering the experience of the customer is crucial, irrespective of the agents working remotely. As an organization, you need to provide the best remote contact center software which allows call over WebRTC or support dual call leg to offer high call quality.

Managing Remote Operations – Benefits of Remote Contact Center

Be Remote Ready

Irrespective of the level or type of infrastructure-readiness of your agents you can ensure they are equipped to handle customer queries remotely. Ameyo’s remote contact center software enables the workforce to serve the customers anytime, anywhere. Having a complete call center solution on mobile allows your agents to enjoy full-stack contact center capabilities via their smartphones themselves. Additionally, with CTI integration and WebRTC, you get to enjoy high call quality with complete customer information at your disposal.

Faster Conversions

Customers like to explore options before making their final decision. For instance, before buying a healthcare policy, they will browse through multiple websites and fill forms to get the best quote. As a general insurance player, you want to be the one to engage with the prospect fastest to improve your chances of conversion even in the remote working environment. All this can be achieved with a good contact center software integrated with the right lead management system. This will ensure the lead from the website is quickly transferred to your inbound agents who can then qualify and convert the lead.


Secure Data and Quality Conversations

Secure your customer data by using number masking and storing all the call recording and customer information on the server, rather than on the agent’s system (laptop or mobile phone). Additionally, you can also push the call recordings and interaction history into your CRM to allow the agents to view them while conversing with the customers. Having historical information, the agents will be able to have contextual and personalized customer interactions and ensure first contact resolution.

Omnichannel Presence

We have been observing a digital transformation in the last couple of years. Customers are increasingly adopting alternative channels of communication with mobile messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger taking a lead. Thus, having a remote contact center that allows you to be present where your customers are, helps with mapping the customer’s journey while providing the agents with a single view of the customer. The way we do interactions, the way we use channels is shifting with the user preferences. So, the businesses that haven’t transformed their strategies yet need to work on them and build a roadmap for the future.


Remote Monitoring

Drilled-down reports, live dashboards, call quality monitoring tools along real-time agent allocation are some of the features of a contact center that allow supervisors and managers to not just monitor the KPIs and operations remotely but at the same time take necessary actions as well. Additionally, the graphical view makes data consumption easier and faster along with providing the agents with self-monitoring tools as well. This data helps them track their performance and plan their activities accordingly.


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