How Cloud Call Center Software Reduces Training Time of Remote Agents


Today, many companies have started the practice of providing the option of working remotely to their employees. At present, about three million people in the United States work from their homes. This has become possible due to the tremendous advancements in digital technologies all across the world.


Why more agents opt to work from home?

It is also convenient for the organizations as it is extremely cost effective for them when the employees work from their homes. The phenomenon has also caught up in modern call centers and it is becoming increasingly popular for many call centers to employ remote agents working from home. In fact, you will be astonished to know that over 50 percent of American call centers have some agents who are working from their homes. Thus, remote working in call centers has become quite a popular trend. Many people who are in favor of it debate that not only is it convenient to work from home, it is also a more productive form of working. While several organizations have started offering remote options to their employees, call centers, in particular, have shown a keen interest towards this option.

Cloud-based solutions

Today, many call centers are switching over to cloud-based software solutions in order to curtail their upfront expenses on capital investment. There are several other reasons why this can be a beneficial move for these call centers. While some include higher hidden costs, other includes improvements in customer relationships and the managers’ ability in altering and monitoring call center operations as needed.

One of the major challenges for call centers for managing their remote agents is training them as that has to be conducted over the phone or via video and web tools. This is where the selection of good cloud call center software comes into the picture.

It is often helpful to include some kind of an assessment after concluding a training module that will give additional incentives to the agents to follow the training contents and ensure that they are all set to dive in. Moreover, giving whisper coaching when they need it and monitoring calls can significantly reduce the training durations as far as the remote agents are concerned. When a call center selects proper virtual software for the call center, training time for the remote agents can drastically improve since good cloud software is easy to learn and is intuitive.

Easy to Understand and Operate UI

Cloud-based call center software can be hosted online and it is easy for remote agents to access it if they have an app installed on their mobile phone or laptop. But internet connectivity is a prerequisite for using a cloud-based software in a call center. In case of cloud-based contact center software, all the data is saved in the cloud. But the data can be cached to enable the users to access them even if they are not online.

A good cloud-based software solution can enable the call centers to allow their agents to log in from any corner of the world such as home, while walking on the road, from a satellite office or while waiting on a railway platform with the help of their mobile phones that have an Internet connection.

This also enables call centers to engage in a greater number of flexible models like agents operating from homes that can save money off their companies and improve the hired employee quality. It can be also helpful for a call center to recover from disaster when there is a storm or an outage.

As far as the intelligent features of call monitoring system are concerned, there are several good cloud contact center software systems. Many agents may find alerts and monitoring on premise-based software quite delayed and cumbersome as they do not permit the managers in the call centers to take real-time actions for problem-solving.

Moreover, any premise-based system is tougher to store and expensive. However, with cloud –based software solutions, calls need not be stored on site, flexible and can rather be stored in the secure data center of a solution provider. Lastly, for call centers where adherence is a key issue, a cloud-based solution is equipped with built-in traits to make sure that call centers remain on the law’s right side for safety.

In case proper cloud call center software is selected, they offer cost-effective training solutions as the agents can share resources. They are easy to understand and thus, it is easy and faster to train the remote call center agents. Dedicated IT staff is not required when the call center has deployed good cloud-based call center software. This obviously means that there is no need for maintenance of the software.

There is minimal upfront investment to be made when a call center deploys a cloud–based solution and can be deployed faster than hosted and on-premise software solutions. Training the agents is easy, as a good software solution can not only offer cost-effective solutions, it can be also integrated seamlessly with various cloud-based tools of business and browser-based tools. These characteristics make them much more dynamic in nature than hosted or on-premise solutions.