How Different Industries Can Leverage WhatsApp Business To Improve Customer Experience

WhatsApp for business

Customer experience has been one of the top priorities for brands ever since the concept’s inception. So naturally, delivering a seamless experience becomes crucial in differentiating a business from its competitors. 

To understand the customers’ perception of a business, nothing works better than a personal connection, and WhatsApp Business platform has been doing it effectively for brands across the globe. 

When Facebook transformed WhatsApp into a business tool, it opened up a world of potential for brands to leverage. 

The popularity of WhatsApp as a personal messenger was already sky-high, and integrating it as a business chatbot enhanced customer engagement by quite a notch. 

Using WhatsApp as a chatbot helps brands improve customer experience by improving their availability, multi-lingual interactivity, and automated activities by connecting with them directly. Further, it leverages personalization to an extent where the customers are compelled to interact with the communications. 

So, how are various industries using WhatsApp Business? And what is the impact of using personalized tools on a sector such as healthcare? Let’s find out.  

How Vital Is WhatsApp Business In Improving Customer Experience

Before we find out the specific use case of using WhatsApp for Business in healthcare, it is vital to understand the features that make it an instant success among brands. Some of the essential features that make WhatsApp such an interactive chatbot are listed below:


With a massive user base and frequent usage patterns, WhatsApp is one of the most popular personal messengers. Moreover, the impact of WhatsApp in delivering key messages with urgency and personalization is unmatched by any other tool. 

Since the messaging strategies behave more personalized, improving interaction becomes more focused. 

Further, quick API integration allows brands to include product offerings, offer customized recommendations, and enhance purchase intent due to its urgent nature. 

Security and Compliance 

WhatsApp Business offers high-end security through its end-to-end encryption algorithm that avoids spam and fraudulent activities. 

Furthermore, encryption makes the messages private between the sender and recipient and prevents misuse of personal information by any third-party service provider. 

WhatsApp Business also complies with cybersecurity protocols like GDPR or data-handling compliance, improving customer trust. 

Feature-rich and Efficient 

WhatsApp Business helps brands leverage several features to improve customer engagement using message templates and periodic update notifications. 

It can also help integrate facilities like trigger messages, updating using rich images, and multimedia content. All these features allow brands to create a seamless user journey, eventually improving the overall customer experience. 

Offers Great ROI 

WhatsApp for businesses is used by integrating an API into their existing CRM that allows human conversation. Automated chat support provides flexibility and scalability to brands and manages multiple logins to carry out simultaneous discussions. 

Consequently, the entire system becomes very economical, and conversations become easier, especially repetitive conversations. Subsequently, it allows businesses to derive an effective ROI by optimizing investment costs. 

Ease of Implementation & Use

Since WhatsApp Business is integrated using only an API, it requires no tedious coding. Further, the interface is user-friendly and convenient for both types of end-users. 

The overall interactivity and seamless conversational UI help businesses scale up their customer conversation and offer a better experience without any hassles.

How Are Industries Using WhatsApp Chatbots

The previous section offers several reasons why WhatsApp Business can be a powerful tool for different industries to enhance customer experience. 

This article will discuss a few use cases regarding WhatsApp for Business in healthcare that can cater to customer expectations and improve interactions. 

Instant Support to FAQs 

WhatsApp Business allows businesses to automate instant replies to customers in answering the most frequently asked questions and provide clarity to any issues they can have. 

For example, let’s say a healthcare facility remains available for services throughout the day. It can leverage WhatsApp Business to inform customers of the timing, locations, virtual appointments, and other details. 

This helps the facility constantly avoid a human respondent’s presence and answer these repetitive inquiries. Further, the customers can feel more satisfied with these instant support systems. 

24×7 Customer Engagement 

For a healthcare business, the presence of medical professionals is natural 24×7. But expecting the same from the front desk, especially at the wee hours of the night, is difficult. 

WhatsApp for Business in healthcare help you attend to the shortcoming by staying available to respond to customer inquiries 24×7 using pre-approved messages and interactive list messages. 

Even if the query is complicated, the chatbot can guide them to an answer by informing the availability of a human agent, reducing the friction between customers and the facilities. 

Further, the entire experience is similar to the no-wait live customer support system humans deliver to to agents. Therefore, it improves customer experience with instant responses and preferential treatment without resorting to human agents all the time. 

Improving Engagement with Automated Message Templates 

WhatsApp for Business enhances customer engagement with automated templates, reminds them about doctor’s appointments, payment reminders, or other alert messages, and constantly supports them. 

As a result, it improves top-of-mind recall, reconnects with inactive users, and increases customer satisfaction. It can also act as the payment gateway delivery system, allowing healthcare customers to track their expenses and bills on a single platform. 

Further, since WhatsApp messages can be personalized, it can cater to customer preferences in a manner unprecedented by any other chatbot.

After-Sales Support & Feedback Collection System

Customer experience is not only about providing the required services but also about building and maintaining a cordial relationship with them even after they convert. 

This is particularly true for healthcare businesses as customers repeatedly return to the same facility if the service and associated support are good enough. 

WhatsApp for healthcare business allows customers to stay engaged with the facility even after they have converted once. Further, businesses can ask these customers to share quick feedback and reviews via WhatsApp and improve brand perceptions. 

WhatsApp messages require the customers to respond directly without filling up lengthy forms, making the process faster and more convenient.

Sharing Self-Help Guides & Health Information

WhatsApp allows users to share multimedia content across formats, including documents and website links containing the desired information. 

Healthcare businesses can leverage the feature to periodically share health tips, self-help documents, and other health precautions to help customers stay healthy. In addition, it allows them to build trust and empathy with the customers and improve brand loyalty. 


Convenient interaction and seamless communication are two factors that are key to improving the customer experience for any business. 

WhatsApp for Business allows brands to leverage WhatsApp chatbots to stay connected with the customer and offer them unmatched service without adding much to the investment costs. 

The features and benefits of WhatsApp and the widespread use of the messenger are testimony to the convenience it provides to customers across regions, languages, or user types. 

However, not using the tool can be costly for brands, especially if they want to keep their engagement channel open for their customers. 

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