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How Does a Predictive Dialer Help Your ROI?


For every 100 calls that your contact center manually dials, only 14 reach the right person. In a situation where a company’s profitability and productivity depends upon the rate of call conversion, such a figure can be really depressing. This is where predictive dialers can come to your rescue by automating the handling of dropped and failed calls. This alone can enhance productivity by anywhere between 150% and 400% for your contact center agents. The smart outbound auto dialer benefits the contact center with features such as setting a limit for maximum call dropouts, sending an automated message to a dropped caller, or reverting on dropped calls, while also setting a time limit for each call.

However, it is also important to note that the success of the contact center largely depends on the database. And the database can alone cost a bomb for the company. So, how does one ensure the effectiveness of the data in terms of client acquisition?

Can Predictive Dialers Determine the ROI of Your Database?

Predictive dialing technology can ascertain the quality of your telesales data list. It can do so with the help of accurate information on call outcomes and access to other useful metrics. With the help of this information, you can calculate the ROI of the amount spent on the data and can choose or alter your call center dialer vendor accordingly. This allows you to get a clear picture of the data utilization metrics. It provides you the following information:

  • Contact or call rates: It informs you about all the numbers that have been contacted.
  • Complete rates: It informs you about the contact numbers where the agent does not have to call again since the objective has been met, which is usually the sale of a particular service or product.
  • Retire rates: It highlights the numbers that are not in service or are fax lines.
  • Penetration rates: It gives a complete consolidated list of contact numbers that have complete rates and retire rates. The penetration rate is a crucial metric, used as a basis for revenue forecasting.

Successful campaigns will have goals from the onset, revenue targets and penetration rates. Once the entire list is exhausted, you can forecast the revenue, based on the performance of the current database. With the provision of automated dialing and accurate call disposition, you can make an informed decision in an instant. Thus, your data list will ensure that you achieve maximum ROI.

Role of Predictive Dialers in Enhancing ROI Further

Predictive dialers utilize your data list and schedule it effectively to automate the dialing process. These dialers improve call answer rates and therefore the penetration rates. This, in turn, enhances the agent’s time on calls and your overall productivity goes up. An efficient predictive dialing software can enhance call rates by:

Thus, the mix of a high-quality list and a predictive dialer can empower your team to perform at its peak.


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