How does the Callback Technology enhance customer experience


Customer complaints about getting stuck in long queues have been perennial. In today’s piece, we will discuss about the advantages the Callback Technology has to offer to the contact center world and elevate customer service.

So, what is a Callback Technology? It is an application which is able to trace customers who have called an agent but could not get connected to him due to his unavailability. When a customer dials a number and is not attended by an agent, the callback technology offers him options for his service experience and also informs him about the estimated wait time. Besides this, the caller also has an option to select whether he wants to be called back immediately the agent is available or call him at his preferred and convenient time.

How does it work? When the caller selects either of the options, the device asks him to leave a voicemail and some of his personal details including the reason of his call. The tool thereafter initiates the call according to the time provided by the caller. The agent is then able to assist the customer basis the message dropped by the latter.

Call back technology has assisted the contact center agents a great deal. With this technology, they are able to reach their customers easily whose call went missed due to an agent’s unavailability. The device has rendered many advantages to the contact center world. Lets discuss a few of them:

Elevate customer experience: With the callback technology, the hassle of customers re-dialing to the agents have been eliminated. They have the advantage to request for a callback at their convenient time by simply providing some details. Callbacks have become a part parcel for contact centres as it also has the ability to reach out to customers and not lose them since the customers are called back.

Decreases cost and improves contact center efficiency: Besides enhancing customer satisfaction, the callback device also reduces cost. The call rates are balanced which diminishes the hassles of managers hiring more agents so that all calls are attended and not missed. There is also an increase in productivity as the agent is aware of the reason the customers want to be called back. This makes the customer and agent both save time by not having to repeat and ask the topic again and again.

Even out call volumes: Incase of high peak hours, agents often struggle with handling calls.The device helps in managing the volume as the agents get a fair idea of the reason why the customers want them to be connected. After he has thoroughly listened to the voice message, he calls up to the customer and provides assistance.

So now that you have been thorough with the profits the call back technology offers to contact centers, when are you using yours?