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8 Benefits of Call back Technology for your Contact Center


It’s true that customers hate waiting on hold for long. According to a survey, over 60 percent of consumers feel that even one minute of hold time is too much. One of the solutions to handle this problem is to increase the capacity of the agents in the call center. However, if your contact center experiences call volume spikes occasionally, then hiring additional agents might lead to higher agent idle time and increased cost at other times.

Hence, implementing Call-back technology is the best method to eliminate the need for customers to wait in the queue. Both customers and businesses highly appreciate call centre technologies like this. During the event of a long holding time, customers can opt to have a customer service rep call them back which results in no wait time, reduced call abandonment rates and gives customers what they value the most- their time.

It is a cost-effective solution that increases customer satisfaction to a great extent, smooth out spikes in call volume, and offers increased agent productivity and improved call center efficiency.

Let me take you through the benefits of Call back technology:

Decreased Call Abandonment Rate

Long holding time leads to abandoned calls which in turn leads to higher repeat calls and lower first-call resolution and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

But with the availability of call back service, your customers will no longer have to hang up the calls or think of switching to a competitor due to lengthy waiting queues. They can easily request a callback and go about their day while they wait for an agent to return their call.

Never Lose a Lead

With this technology, agents will never lose a lead even when they are preoccupied and couldn’t answer the call on time. As soon as the caller opts for a call back service, their information gets recorded and the suitable agent contacts the lead as soon as he/she is free.


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Improved Agent Productivity

Upon receiving a call back request from a customer, the agent would be able to access all the caller’s information on his/her screen. They just have to simply click one button to get connected to the customer. This process saves a significant amount of time and effort for the agents leading to increased productivity as they no longer have to search their CRM to get the customer’s information and other relevant data.

Shorter Handle Times

Customers who opt for call back service are generally more friendly and happy as they don’t have to wait on hold. Also, on receiving a call back request, the most skilled agent can call up the customer making the conversation even more pleasant. Both these things combined, lead to a shorter handle time and boost agent’s morale and efficiency.

Higher First-Call Resolution

First Call Resolution is a critical metric when measuring the performance of a call center. It accelerates to higher customer satisfaction, more efficient utilization of agent time, and fewer inbound calls. In case of a callback situation, the agent gets enough time to view the previous history and the necessary information of the customer in the CRM before calling him back leading to reduced call abandonment rates and higher FCR.

Reduced Cost

Long holding time advances to higher toll charges and increases cost for businesses to a considerable degree. But a call back option eliminates this possibility as the callers will not have to spend time waiting in the queue, thus saving a significant amount of telecom cost for the call centers.

Smooth Multi-channel Transitions

According to a survey, 88% of all organizations are already delivering a multi-channel service experience. And that’s a good thing because 77% of consumers use more than one channel when seeking service.

Still, one of the most important concerns when switching between channels is maintaining the context and information of the call as customers dislike starting everything all over again. The customer’s information should be transferred from a web page or any other medium to the call center agent immediately. For example, when a customer is browsing on the website and facing difficulty in finding something, a popup window asking his/her call back number should immediately prompt up. And this information should then be immediately escalated to the voice channel so that a suitable agent can give a call back to the customer and resolve the issue.

Higher Customer Retention

Call back technology allows the customers to never lose their time waiting in the queue. They would be more satisfied and will stick to your brand, ultimately leading to higher customer retention.



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