How Gamification Boosts Call Center Performance


 A call center is all about providing an excellent customer experience by answering the questions of customers and solving their issues. If the call center agents have poor communication skills and fail to meet the expectations of customers, the call center may just lose its customers to the competitors. In order to provide the right kind of motivation to the employees and increase their efficiency, gamification is one process every call center needs to adopt.

Most businesses that have adopted the contact center technology have accepted the importance of gamification today.  Through gamification it gets easier to turn the mundane work processes into competitive activities, convert goals into awards and promote camaraderie among all the co-workers. This will inspire agents to put in more efforts and increase their efficiency at work. Most call center software systems also make it easier for managers and agents to adopt gamification.

Gamification as a contact center solution:

Gamification offers a lot of benefits to call centers, making it a best contact center solution. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Gamification motivates the employees to do better at work. By transforming goals into awards, managers can make it very interesting for employees to achieve their goals. This provides the right motivation to them.
  • It increases the fun factor at work and makes workplaces very enjoyable for employees. By including competitive activities and rewards for the winners, gamification can make it real fun to work in a call center.
  • It improves the competitive spirit among the employees, thereby creating a healthy working atmosphere. There always will be a healthy competition which will reduce negative feelings such as jealousy among the employees of a call center.
  • It reduces the absenteeism at work. By introducing rewards for employees who show full attendance at work, managers can make it interesting for agents to show up at call center offices.
  • Gamification can decrease the errors on the part of agents. For instance, if an employee avoids mistakes for an entire month he should be rewarded. This will motivate other employees to reduce the errors at work.
  • It inspires agents to achieve goals that are set for them. Since goals are treated as awards in gamification, agents will start putting in all efforts in order to achieve their targets.
  • It helps new agents to learn better by transforming online tutorials and dull lectures into interactive and engaging training tools.
  • Gamification helps in giving recognition to the efforts of the employees, in turn making them happy.
  • It also encourages agents to learn new skills and make efforts to perform their best at work.

Not all employees are satisfied with their jobs. Research says that only 19% of employees in US are actually happy with their jobs. Gamification is the only thing that helps employees fall in love with their jobs, especially in contact centers. In fact it goes on to provide a win-win situation for both the agents and managers of call centers. As such all businesses that adopt call center solution should understand that this is the way to make their employees happy. When the agents are happy they will be able to enhance the customer experience, which is why it can be said that happy agents always lead to happy customers.