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How to Boost and Channelize Sales Through Predictive Dialer


Often companies with inside sales team have to track the inbound opportunities coming from their website. However, they also need to be proactively tracking the follow up calls and actions taken on these inbound leads as well as outbound sales campaigns. Advanced contact center solutions provide built-in auto dialing systems do this job skillfully, by not just increasing the number of calls dialed but also pacing them according to the agent preference and past behavior. The benefits of automated dialers are phenomenal to B2B as well as B2C companies for boosting productivity.

Increased number of dialed calls and Advanced predictive dialing solutions dramatically increase the number of calls dialed per agent. The number could go as high as four times of the manual dialing process. Increased number of dialed calls results in more number of connects per agent which in turn leads to greater sales for the organization. With facilities like pre- recorded messages, agents can leave appropriate message with just a click. Agents can move to the subsequent calls non-stop.
Greater CSAT Score With reduced turn-around time for call responses current and potential customers both are impressed and it leads to customer loyalty and retention.
However, despite of its benefits the decision of adopting a predictive dialing solution might be met with reluctance from the calling team. Here are a few rebuttals that one might come across:
Finding difficulty to getting used to the solution, and sayng “I would prefer manual dialing instead”. This is just an altered version of I am resisting change, so it has to be dealt with reasoning that it is not to increase the workload, but productivity. With auto dialers, agents will be able to dial 150+ calls in place of an average 50 in day.
Same voicemail on every contact looks monotonous, I prefer personalized messages – In this case agents can be reassured that they will still be able to leave personalized messages whenever they want. As the day passes usually the agent gets tired and the energy levels go down. Pre-recorded messages are a big help in this case.
So all in all, if you are planning to switch to auto dialer to support your inside sales team, I would highly recommend it! It is not only great ROI but it also helps in greater productivity and overall customer satisfaction. You will develop more consistency in your outgoing messages via voicemails and attend to a lot many more customers and prospects than manual dialing process.


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