7 Live Chat Software Benefits You Didn’t Know About


How long does it take for you to respond to customer’s query? A few minutes delay and you have an escalation in your list. Do not wait for your customers to ask questions, strike a conversation today to let customers feel valued with Live Chat Software. Customers looking for support will appreciate your online presence and you can provide a personalized experience to them with your prompt response.

Attract new visitors on your website and delight existing ones while engaging them in a live chat. Gone are the days where you would shoot an email to all visitors and get ignored every time, live chat enables you to increase your customer base and give them a real-time product update when they choose to.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live Chat allows you to offer the best real-time customer service. Solving customer’s queries becomes simple and effortless. A customer can click on the chat widget embedded in your web page with live chat tool. In-app Chat, Web Chat, and Chat Messenger bring a whole new model for sales reps.

Booking appointment with doctors, online shopping, ordering food or claiming refund becomes seamless when an agent is available to handle live chat interactions across media. With a live chat software in place, trigger chat on the web pages that the customers are scrolling through, adding insight to their knowledge and help them land a decision quickly.

Live Chat Software Benefits

Each interaction is important. Live Chat Software can be saviour for agents because now they can easily interact with customers and respond to their queries instantly. Customers do not have to wait in queue to be answered. Let’s go by the facts, customers expect a response without any delay and you can avoid escalations with live chat tools.

From large enterprises to e-commerce platform to healthcare, live chat has surpassed all other technologies because it is 100 times faster and effortless channel.

Let’s get started with the benefits to impact your business positively.

No Opportunities Missed

Let your fingers do the talking and take your customer’s journey to decision making in a few clicks. Miss no opportunity because live chat software allows you to automate actions on customer’s behavior. A visitor has spent 3-5 minutes on your page, it’s time to strike a conversation and turn them into a prospect.

Collect customer’s data to generate more leads and understand the buyer’s psychology on the basis of the most visited page of your website. Does your customer want to order a cake? Give them the option of customization and convert the lead into an opportunity real quick.

Immediate Customer Support

Customer’s attention span is a big challenge and they have no time to wait in the queue to get a response. They need quick support. So, how do you do live chat? Consider this data! 42% of customers wish to connect with a human being on chat instead of a chatbot, so you know where to invest your agent’s energy. With the inbuilt app, start customer interaction and assist customers using live chat software.

Does a customer want to know about delivery status? Send them the ticket update with relevant information to keep them interested in your business with chat messenger or in-app chat.

Insight Into Customer’s Journey

Not sure which product/service is performing the best? Get insight into customer’s journey and track their pain points. You will have the metrics to work upon with real-time data. Learn from customer’s queries and walk in their shoes to understand their requirements.

Customize your services and deliver what customers are expecting from you. Allow your agents to do target based messaging and target the audience on the basis of customer behavior.

Agents can drive the context from previous chat history and preserve the context throughout the customer journey.

Omnichannel Conversations

Are you available on social media? Which channel works the best for you? Have you built a chat messenger on social platforms?

Customers can arrive in from different channels and trust me, they can bring in huge business for you. Dedicate your services to cater to the needs of growing traffic from different channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, etc. Agents can handle multiple interactions on one screen in real time and prioritize customers with live chat.

A customer posts negative feedback on your Facebook page, turn it into a positive review by engaging with them instantly via live chat and ensuring to resolve their problem in first go. There you have a happy customer turned into promoter.

Enable Self-Service

Let customers explore. Yes, do not limit your services to agent-customer interactions. Customers should be equipped with a knowledge base repository to find the information that they are looking for. This works two ways, customers have instant answers to their queries without having to wait in the queue, agents can dedicate their time to more critical issues while 80% of customer queries are resolved with Smart IVR system.

Live chat tool with relevant tutorials, self-help guides and videos will guide the customers to find quick answers to their questions. Hence, less time invested in solving repetitive queries.

Reports and Analytics

How do you measure your metrics? Live chat tool can produce the results that you never thought were important. Agents can understand the pain points of customers and drive the interactions more effectively once they are aware of the problems. You can identify the challenges that your sales reps face while resolving these queries and focus on the data driven results.

Agents can also monitor their performance through conversion rate and customer satisfaction and follow the historical pattern that suits business specific needs.

Do you receive customer query about discounts available on different products? Analyze the data and avail exciting offers for existing customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer’s Feedback

What your customers have to say about your services? Customer’s voice can make or break the deal for your business. Have you considered customer’s feedback on different platforms? Get closer than ever to your customers and make them feel valued. Collect customer’s feedback on chat, spare them from email spamming and analyze the results to get better insight into customer’s vision.

A Twitter DM should be acknowledged and the negative feedback should be reverted to in a specified time. Value your customers to generate value for your business.


Live chat gives the real-time insight into your business and you can track agent’s performance with live chat tools. A well-informed user is happy and they like to be responded to instantly. Do not keep your customers waiting to resolve their queries, proactively respond with live chat software effortlessly and increase first call resolution rate significantly.

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