Best Practices You Shouldn’t Miss In An Outbound Call Center


There are many factors that can lead to the success of your outbound call center. Most of these practices can turnaround your sales, helping you reach and attract prospective customers. Starting from lead generation, telemarketing, telesales, market research, and surveys, you can follow these outbound call center practices to yield the best results.

An outbound call center software allows the companies to increase their ROI while maximizing the conversion rate.

For starters, include these features in your outbound call center to quickly check if you are doing your business right:

Predictive Dialer

Tired of call drops and unanswered calls? Predictive dialer intelligently assigns the calls to agents based on historical data such as average call handling time and agents’ availability, thus reducing call wait time. If you didn’t know already, with predictive dialer software, agents can make more calls in the same span as compared to making calls manually. You can reduce the idle time between the calls to increase your agents’ productivity.


Did you know you could reduce dialing errors with click-to-call functionality? Agents can easily place a call to the customers with a single click on their desktop, CRM, and contact’s profile without missing on any number. Eliminate redundant tasks of manual dialing and boost an agent’s productivity will smart dialing strategies.

Call Recording & Monitoring

Good news for managers and supervisors! Measuring call quality and monitoring agent’s performance has become effortlessly smooth with real-time agent monitoring tools. This allows the managers to listen to live calls and provide better assistance to the agents while whispering, snooping, and barging-in between the calls, ensuring an increased first contact resolution.

Managers can also listen to the recorded calls to analyze agents’ performance and they can score them on the basis of call quality metrics such a language proficiency, adherence to the script, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, etc.

CRM Integration

Integrate your outbound call center software with in-house or third-party CRM and allow agents to access and store the data in one place while making calls. If agents are well informed about customer’s conversational insights from previous interactions, they will be able to surpass customer’s expectations.


If you have not yet implemented these technologies in your Outbound Call Center Software, now is the time to update your call center and improvise outbound call center services to see the results for yourself. A successful outbound strategy does not end with the call, it only starts with it.

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