Benefits of Predictive Dialer Software in Call Center


{Scenario A. A stressed agent on call (Tring-tring, tring-tring, tring…) nobody answers.
Abruptly leaves his desk, curses his stars and smokes a cigarette.
Scenario B. Another agent on call (Phone rings) Hello! Is that Mr. Goodman?
Prospect: Umm…Yes! Who is that?
Agent: I am Tom, calling from XYZ Company. Is this a good time to talk?
Prospect: No, I am sorry. I am not interested in whatever you are selling.
(Line disconnected)}
I am sure that at one point of time or another, we all have been on either side of this conversation. Either we have been trying to sell something to someone or we have attended these calls. In both the situations, we can definitely sympathise with Mr. Goodman and Tom.
They both have their share of discomforts and challenges. One has to persistently pitch products and complete his targets; the other has to repeatedly answer such calls and say no.
This happens when you are running a huge call center with little or no automation. This happens when you poorly research your client personas and just hurry up to pick up the receiver, dial the number and start blabbing. Your prospects are not just ‘numbers’, they are actual people who have relevant, evident and rarely hidden needs, which can be evaluated upon research and analysis. If you aren’t putting enough efforts and categorising these essential details, there is merely any scope. Scope to pledge to give the best customer service experience; scope to make the best of your workforce; scope to maximise on business opportunities; scope to be the best call center in the service industry.
‘Predictive Dialers’ to your rescue
So, if I say that Predictive dialers can be a huge relief in such scenarios. What would you say? Wait. Let me guess. You would start with traditional questions like, ‘What are they? How can they make Mr. Goodman and the likes of him answer calls? Can that mean I can beat my competitors?’ etc.
To that, I can guarantee, based on industry research and statistics from previous 4 years, which has clearly shown an exponential increase in the demand of predictive dialers. Be it a completely customer centric domain or a minor segment of your business which makes use of customer interactions, then predictive dialers have a lot to offer you.
Auto dialers like predictive dialer can completely flip the business scenario in your favour – getting you more refined leads by keeping a track of best times to call prospects, enhancing agent productivity by only connecting valid and ready-to-be-answered calls, it offers you the flexibility to auto-save management time, keep a track of customer requests (like a call back or suitable time to call) etc. All this and much more, which can become a really gruelling task if you are planning to do so manually.

What do they offer?

Amongst different call center dialer technology, predictive dialers are gaining momentum and changing, developing, as per the market requirements and needs. There is a huge scope for customization in existing models. Many businesses can have varying requirements, and they can offer customization to suit the needs of the business accordingly.
If your lead scoring system is always flooded with leads on a day-to-day basis, you can opt for a setup like call center software which clears backlogs or memory on a timely basis. Whereas, if you want to maintain a discrete database for all customers contact details, interactions, outcomes, preferences and feedback, you can opt for this customization as well, which will also give you timely feedbacks. As per the feedback window, you can drop a mail or directly contact the customer to re-propose your offer. This gives your business a fair chance of re-evaluation, without making it difficult for your call center agents to remember ‘Whom to call, when to call, why to call’. If you take care of this aspect, they can concentrate more on customer satisfaction and towards bettering the overall service experience for them. This means more happy customers, more business in-flow, better branding and more profit.
If setup cost is what that’s worrying you
If you are worried about the setup costs for installing predictive dialers, you can relax. They won’t dig a huge hole in your company’s budget. And post setup, most companies experience return on investment within duration of 6 – 10 months. Post that, if you can just extrapolate the dots and track your profit margins, it is a win – win situation for everyone. And, if you are worried about adjusting predictive dialers as per changing product strategy, you can be at ease. They are intelligently crafted to retain majority of data that is needed for an excellent customer service team. They also offer features with which it can become really easy to change or moderate re-defined greetings, branding information. If you are a manager, seeking to train your agents, you can train them on live calls, have call recording options to plug and play, during training classes.
In a nutshell, Predictive Dialers are here and for good. Say hello to them and open the gates to a whole new world of opportunities.