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Six Ways to Improve Your Call Center Quality


A call center is closely associated with the image of a company. It is essential for the success of the company / business that their call center meet high customer retention and customer satisfaction. So, it is essential for the company to focus on their call center quality. There are many ways that you can increase the quality of your call center. From choosing the right headset for your agents to defining your customer service agent’s attitude towards the customer, determines the quality of a call center.
Only a good call center will be able to provide quality service to the customers. Following are some ways that can help to improve the quality of your call center.
#1. Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching
This is perhaps the most effective way to monitor call center call quality. A call center is all about calls and customer service. If your agent is able to deliver an excellent service, both in terms of customer service and issue resolution, it will make the customer happy. If your agent is unable to deliver a good service, it will result in customer frustration, which may lead to the customer leaving the business. The only way to ensure that your agents are doing a good job is to monitor their calls. By this way, you can identify the key areas where your agents need improvement and provide them the necessary training.
#2. Enhanced Hiring and Training
While hiring, select candidates who can effectively address the customer needs. It is also essential that the candidate works well with a team. The right agents will increase customer satisfaction, and improve  customer loyalty. They will also bring added value to your company. Hiring candidates who are not happy, ineffective or less motivated, will only result in the agents leaving the company quickly, and unsatisfied customers.
A good training module includes excellent customer service topics and a detailed process training. It is essential for the agents to know all about their respective processes. There is nothing more frustrating for the agent, as well as the customer, when an agent gets stuck in troubleshooting or not being able to provide necessary information to the customer.
#3. Employee Motivation
A call center job can become tedious, and boring. Repeating the same information, performing the same troubleshooting, and so on, may make the agents less motivated. So it is important that you have activities on the floor to keep your agents engaged. A clear, and good career path is also required for employee motivation. If there is a lack in career progression, agents will be less loyal to the company. It is important for an agent to have all the information about their respective process, and all the necessary tools, to do a good job. So, it is important to provide your agents with the same.
#4. Increased First-Call Resolutions
Providing first-call resolutions will result in improved customer satisfaction. First-contact resolutions not only mean the issue getting resolved, but the lack of need to contact the call center again by going through the IVR, and long holds, for the customers. So, it is important that your agents focus on first-call resolutions. You can look at how efficient your current process is, in providing first call resolution to your customers, and decide to make any changes accordingly.
#5. Insight into Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Determine which KPIs have the greatest impact on your business. Meeting standard KPIs is essential for the success of your call center. KPIs will help you to measure your call center quality.  Following are some key KPIs that can be used to measure the call center quality and customer experience.

  • The number of first-contact resolutions.
  • Call abandon rates.
  • Call completion rate.
  • Monetary cost-per-call.
  • Call queue time.

#6. Call Center Agent Attrition
It takes time and effort to train a new agent. When an agent leaves a company within a few months of joining the company, it is a loss for the company. Call center agent attrition is a concern because it is budget-restricted. Also, every time a trained agent leaves, less number of agents are left in the company to ensure optimum level of service. Most of the time, this will lead to call waiting and poor customer satisfaction. It also means, going through the recruiting process to fill the vacancies, numerous times. Agent attrition can affect your call center KPI. So, it is important to improve call center agent attrition in order to improve the quality of your call center.
It is a good idea to compare your call center performance level with your competitors. If you see a good practice, you can embrace it to improve your call center performance. It will also give you a good idea about where your call center stands in terms of customer service. Improving your call center performance level means improving your call center quality.

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