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The Story of Successful E-Commerce Customer Experiences


 E-commerce provides the comfort of shopping from home with huge discounts, so a robust software will help the agents service customers well and boost revenue.

Commerce online is booming with no sign of stopping. Even developing countries in Asia and Africa are turning to e-commerce websites to purchase products. They are looking for an experience which makes their lives comfortable by selling different products on one website. Sitting at home/office and shopping for essentials like groceries, clothing, home appliances, electronics, etc., saves people a lot of time and effort. It seems that the Internet does have all the answers to life’s problems.

E-Commerce: The Story Behind the Success

The success story of e-commerce lies in the sudden spurt of personal incomes, Internet-savvy individuals, and the provision of niche and customized service in a couple of clicks. Customers do not haggle for prices because e-commerce sites provide huge discounts and deals for the customers to benefit from. For most people, this is a boon. Be it a city or small town, a trip to the market and a fight for the best bargain is avoided. This is the reason why people love e-commerce.

Through e-commerce sites, customers take part in B2B, B2C, or C2C businesses via mobile phones, PDA and handheld devices, and other wireless media. It gives customers the freedom to shop without having to physically visit a market by using the best of what technology has to offer. Digital communication technology, short-range communication technology, and other information processing technology are used by people to conduct various business activities whenever, wherever.

Service in E-Commerce

Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you always experienced smooth, impeccable service at an e-commerce site?
  • Do you have a favorite site you always visit?
  • Why do you visit an e-commerce site and for what all products?

If your answer to the first question is yes, the other two answers are really easy to tackle. The reasons for liking an e-commerce site range from great quality of product, availability of choice (many products to choose from), good deals and discounts, and informed contact center agents, among the most important.

Personally, I have found that agents being proactive and checking up with me on the purchase has instilled a sense of trust in the e-commerce site. I can see that they care about how soon I receive the product, whether delivery was done without hassles, and how the product is performing. Three calls like this are all it took me to pick my favorite e-commerce retailer. Would you say the same?

How to be Successful in E-Commerce

A robust CRM is all it takes! Well, that among other tools, technology, and people. The CRM will help analyze customer purchase patterns and transaction history and will allow the business to send promotional offers the customers may be interested in. This helps improve customer experience of the business and they feel special with such a customized service. CRM thus, plays a very important role in sustaining customers just by storing and analyzing data, and putting it into action which results in sales and service to the customer.

In contact centers of e-commerce sites, the agents have to be armed with a robust software solution that allows multi channel communication with ease. They have to quickly service customers using CRM and dialing tools like ACD and Predictive dialer. The IVR also helps customers reach the right agent for the exact query or issue they have. Meanwhile, a great reporting tool will provide analysis on the key metrics and gives data on how the business is performing.

E-commerce thus, executes its service aspect through its interface (website) and its agents. The lack of a physical interaction space is fulfilled website and the service provided by its agents. The more easily available the information is, the quicker the purchase, and the more satisfied the customer is. After all, one of the reasons why customers opt for e-commerce retail is because of lack of time. It is only expected that their contact centers should also deliver service quickly. With a robust solution running the operation, it will be really easy. Just like clicking a button! 



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