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5 Key Advantages of Auto Dialer Software for Call Center

Outbound call centers have multiple campaigns for several processes like cold calling for lead generation, following up and nurturing inbound leads, market research and surveys, etc. and mere manual dialing will not help in achieving the competitive targets. Agents using manual dialing usually end up having approximately 10-15 minutes talk time per hour as their major time is wasted in repetitive unproductive tasks like manually dialing the contact numbers and disposing off calls, facing busy tones, answering machines, and disconnected calls. An auto dialer software is operationally and commercially viable for a call center as it boosts the agent productivity by 200-300% by reducing idle time and proportionately increasing the talk time per hour.

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How To Choose The Right Call Center Dialer For Your Business

According to Data and Research firm TOPO, on an average it takes 18 dials to connect with the potential buyer. Picture this in an ideal call center scenario. What you will see is the hapless call center agents only dialing out the numbers! Phone is still the most preferred channel of communication and if your agents are going to spend the majority of their time dialing the numbers, their productivity will definitely go for a toss. Agents should be doing what they are best at - talking to the prospects and customers instead of getting tangled in the task of manually dialing numbers.

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Predictive Dialers - Great Power, Great Responsibility

{Scenario A. A stressed agent on call (Tring-tring, tring-tring, tring...) nobody answers.

Abruptly leaves his desk, curses his stars and smokes a cigarette.

Scenario B. Another agent on call (Phone rings) Hello! Is that Mr. Goodman?

Prospect: Umm...Yes! Who is that?

Agent: I am Tom, calling from XYZ Company. Is this a good time to talk?

Prospect: No, I am sorry. I am not interested in whatever you are selling.

(Line disconnected)}

I am sure that at one point of time or another, we all have been on either side of this conversation. Either we have been trying to sell something to someone or we have attended these calls. In both the situations, we can definitely sympathise with Mr. Goodman and Tom.

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Top 10 Predictive Dialer Must-Haves

What was once a mundane, manual and tiring process in call centers is now fully automated and efficient with the emergence of Predictive Dialers. Predictive Dialers revolutionized the way contact centers perform outbound campaigns. Contact centers enjoyed exemplary growth in sales, profits, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. This led to the explosion of predictive dialer platforms flooding the industry. With so many dialers, it becomes difficult for organizations to choose a really good one. Predictive Dialers are not all created equally, and in this post we are going to take a look at what a Predictive Dialer is, and what to look for in one. Let’s get started.

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Quick Tips: How Not to Annoy your Customers with a Predictive Dialer

We all know that predictive dialing can enhance an agent’s productivity by 150% to 400%. But there is a hesitation in certain pockets of the industry to use this technology because a predictive dialer brings in high call drops, meaning the customers pick up the call but the system does not have any free agent to connect the call. This results in call drop which makes the customer furious .......!!!  You would not want to call the customer the same day as you might hear “DO NOT CALL ME” or “TAKE ME OUT OF YOUR LIST”.  Effectively this means you lost a sale just because your technology which should have helped you make the sale did the opposite by annoying your customer.  

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Predictive Dialer versus Power Dialer

A dialer is an application to automate the process of dialing to an external contact number so that contact center agents can select calls strategically. The productivity of the call center largely depends on the number of calls addressed per day. However, due to limiting factors, such as missed calls, call waiting, calls not picked up, or the number dialed being out of service or connected to fax machines, can hamper the productivity of the contact center to an alarming degree. In order to combat such issues, outbound dialers are installed, which in turn accelerates performance, measured in Talk Time per Hour (TTH).

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How Does a Predictive Dialer Help Your ROI?

For every 100 calls that your contact center manually dials, only 14 reach the right person. In a situation where a company’s profitability and productivity depends upon the rate of call conversion, such a figure can be really depressing. This is where predictive dialers can come to your rescue by automating the handling of dropped and failed calls. This alone can enhance productivity by anywhere between 150% and 400% for your contact center agents. The smart outbound auto dialer benefits the contact center with features such as setting a limit for maximum call dropouts, sending an automated message to a dropped caller, or reverting on dropped calls, while also setting a time limit for each call.

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Personal Data Protection: Singapore to Enforce DNC Registry

The Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry is an attempt by the Singapore government to protect the data of the citizens from unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages. This month, the Singapore parliament passed the Personal Data Protection Bill which safeguards an individual's personal data from being misused. The bill encompasses the national Do-Not-Call registry while a new enforcement agency, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), has been tasked to regulate how businesses manage personal data. The commission will also have the power to impose financial penalties in case of violations reported by consumers.

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How Intelligent Is Your Auto Dialer?


An intelligent dialer will determine which agent is free and route calls to them based on algorithms, which will boost productivity.

In a contact center, auto dialer has proved to be the lifesaver to the redundant manual process of dialing. The benefits range beyond just saving time. It is a cycle of saving time → more calls → more sales → productivity boost → more customers → more service → expansion of business → profits!

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