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Virtual Call Center Agents

What seemed an impossible thing a few months ago has become a reality of today. Most businesses, individuals, and organizations are hard hit by COVID-19 and are looking for a contingency plan. The recent change of events has caused disruption to most businesses and the contact center industry is hit the hardest.

But, when the industry is challenged, innovation is birthed with a quick turnaround. That’s where the Work from Home solution has stepped in and paved a path for businesses to go remote. Now, fast deployment still remains a challenge, and here’s what you need to know to create a future-ready contact center.

Equip Agents with Right Tools

And what are they? While the companies are training virtual call center agents to become work at home ready, they need to ensure that the agents have the right tools and proficiency to use them. Depending on your business type, your agents might need:

  • Laptop and Headsets
  • Smartphone
  • Feature phone

Ensure Data Security for Customers

Now, customers will continue to look for answers, more so, in a panicked situation like this. How do you ensure that all your customers’ data is secured? With VPN access, ensure a secured environment and you can eliminate the risk of security breaches.

Deliver Customer Service like Never Before

You can delight your customers even without a laptop or smartphone. Get the agents onboard with feature phones that serve with all the call center functionalities like Transfer, Mute, Confer, and Hold. While your agents are handling the customer queries as business as usual, the supervisors can monitor these calls as all the calls are recorded on the server.

Monitor the Agents Performance

Work from home has become the new normal and businesses need to monitor the performance of each agent to align it with their business goals. It is very simple, supervisors can download the calls, monitor SLA breach, check average handling time, monitor each campaign in a quick glance.

Supervisors can monitor and provide feedback against each call to ensure that agents can work on continuous improvement.


Work from Home Solutions for your Business

To overcome the infrastructure challenges, you need these immediate work from home solutions:

Smartphone Only Solution

Is your remote contact center infrastructure ready? You don’t have to look any further because now you can convert your smartphone into a mini contact center. The mobile agent app allows the agents to handle all calling operations on their smartphones. The full-scale mobile call center solution has all the features that you need to run a contact center. It enables your agents to:

  • Receive inbound calls, make manual outbound calls
  • Handle calls using a predictive dialer
  • Get caller information with CTI pop-up
  • Confer, transfer, mute, and hold the call when needed
  • Dispose calls and add notes as call summary

Laptop Only Solution

You can run a contact center smoothly with a laptop and internet connection. You can just set up a corporate VPN and ensure that all the communications with the customers happen via VPN in a secured environment without having to compromise on customers’ data security. It provides full-scale contact center features.

  • Secure VPN access
  • High call quality with WebRTC
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring
  • Complete call details (notes, disposition)
  • Call recording on the server

Feature Phone Only

Agents don’t have laptops, smartphones, and even a stable internet connection? Worry no more, you can still run your mini contact center on your agents’ feature phone. Let your agents using an IVR solution, using specific credentials assigned to each agent. This will ensure that they are available to take calls on their feature phone and hence can handle inbound and outbound calls on the basis of their skills.

  • 100% call recording on the server
  • Portable agent workbench
  • Remote monitoring for supervisors


The times can be uncertain, but you can be prepared with a business continuity plan using work from home solutions. Your customers’ faith resides in your brand and if you know how to deliver quality customer service in testing times like this pandemic, you have mastered the art of a wow customer experience. With the ever-emerging needs of the customer, Ameyo has launched its 6 unique work from home solutions to ensure that your business grows exponentially.


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