Whatsapp for Ecommerce: Change the Customer Engagement Landscape


WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app worldwide and it has raised the bar for the businesses to deliver smooth customer service. And people choose to do business with the brands that understand the uniqueness of their needs and provide customer service over their preferred channel.
Adopted by over 2 billion people across 180 countries, WhatsApp has gauged its steps into the world of digital communication where brands are just a text away from their customers. And, of course, e-commerce saw the dawn of exponential growth with the introduction of online shopping directly proportional to the growing digital population.

According to Statista, the global e-retail sale is projected to show a growth of up to 4.8 trillion US dollars by 2021.

The E-commerce market is flourishing with the growing dynamics of the world and more so in the time when the world is hard hit by COVID-19 pandemic and no one is ready to step out of the comfort of their homes to make a purchase. While the e-commerce industry grows, WhatsApp business for e-commerce has minimized the need for physical interactions, equipping businesses with an instant engagement solution.

So, how WhatsApp is changing the customer service landscape for e-commerce?

What makes for an amazing customer engagement experience is consistency, friendliness, and human touch says a PwC report. WhatsApp customer service channel helps businesses respond to customer queries instantly without putting them on hold. Here’s how it has become a game-changer for businesses:

Make Online Shopping Easy with Proactive Customer Support

Quick replies are the key to customer satisfaction and using WhatsApp business API for e-commerce to reply to your customers instantly has an added bonus. Your customers can request for delivery status of their order and you can automate such first-level queries with the bot.
However, if the customer needs more assistance on the subject, the query gets transferred to the agent instantly. For instance, if the customer wants to report a broken or damaged product delivery, you need an agent to resolve the issue and preserve human touch when needed.

Send Messages in the Customer’s Preferred Format

WhatsApp for e-commerce has made communication very easy for both customers and businesses with its various messaging formats. You can now send videos, PDFs, photos, locations, or voice recordings if required to interact with the customers seamlessly.
This can be very helpful to understand the customer’s product purchase pattern and you can send the brochure related to similar products, thus enriching the customer experience with minimum effort.

Collect Customer’s Feedback

It’s important to analyze what your customers think about your brand and you can make it very easy for them to review your product over WhatsApp. When most of your customers heavily rely on WhatsApp messaging and the open rate of WhatsApp is above 70% as compared to other digital channels, it opens the possibility to capture maximum feedback from customers.
The feedback report can be fetched to analyze customer behavior and the likeliness of your products, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

Increase FCR with Ticket Transfer

Now, customers reach out to your brand when they need you the most. And if an agent is stuck with a certain query, they can transfer the ticket to another agent or their supervisor in real-time thus ensuring first-contact resolution and hence a happy customer experience.
For instance, if the customer wants to report the cancellation of the order and the chat is routed to the wrong department, the agent can quickly transfer the chat to the right department or their supervisor in real-time to ensure zero escalations.

Scale Customer Service Operations

While an agent can answer a single call in a given time, they can handle 5 chats simultaneously. That eliminates the need to put customers on hold and helps you fasten the query resolution process.
This is cost-effective and time-saving alike, resulting in lesser agents and more satisfied customers, with a few clicks. Agents can send order confirmations and delivery triggers to keep the customers informed about their order status.

Improve Agent Experience

A happy customer will become a promoter of your brand but only a happy agent can drive contextual conversations to increase customer satisfaction, hence a happy customer. Let your agents get relevant customer information through CRM when a customer initiates a chat, helping the agents to preserve the context and deliver well-informed customer service.
Additionally, make it easy for agents to access all chat queries in a unified agent desktop and manage all customer tickets in the agent dashboards without having to toggle off between multiple tabs.

So, are you ready to get started with WhatsApp Customer Service for e-commerce? Schedule a demo today and understand your business-specific requirements with our team of experts.