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When to Use a Predictive Dialer in your Call Center?


As we are bidding adieu to 2014 and wrapping up the final weeks of this year, many companies across the call center industry have still been indecisive that whether a Predictive Dialer should be implemented in 2015 or not.
Some may be having a thought that these are not as productive as having a call center representative in the office making the manual calls, while others just simply cannot understand the nitty-gritty of the entire process.

For those who are in two minds or not really aware about the use of predictive dialers, we have highlighted below a few advantages of using the predictive dialers which will help you in making a firm decision about implementing predictive dialers.
Maximize sales drastically:
Predictive dialers have been proved extremely effective when it comes to making sales or collection calls. When phone utilization is a primary concern, predictive dialers have been shown to deliver dramatic results. A study has revealed that predictive dialers can significantly improve agent productivity by 400%. They have also been put to the test where they have successfully increased agent utilization from 40 minutes per hour to 57 minutes per hour. On an average, if you are making sales calls to consumers at home during the permitted times for unsolicited telemarketing (9 AM to 9PM) you will reach out to live people with only 12% of the calls you dial.
Screen non-productive calls thoroughly:
The agents no longer have to wait for that “opportunity” that someone will respond the call. Once an agent gets free to take up the call, within thirty seconds he or she is put on a conversation with a live contact.  Without predictive dialer, a live agent fails to handle non-productive calls (No Answers, Busy Signals, out of office Numbers and (optionally) answering Machines).
High-tech yet user friendly:
The ease of use and scalability allows the entire system to be worth every penny. The agents do not take long to learn how to operate the software on their desktop. Agents find that the system organizes all of their calling activity – automatically. Scheduled Callbacks are presented to the agent at the time the callback is due. Completed calls are managed with an easy to use “disposition” entry that is a natural part of ending the conversation. Gone are the days where agents had to maintain the endless notes, post-its and scraps of paper to keep a track on prospect information. With dialers, now it is easy that information entered by agents is available for review in the system at any time by a manager or a supervisor.
With all the mentioned benefits, it is worth using this product and if you have not implemented it till now, you should ensure to make the switch – and fast – to see such acclaimed results in 2015.
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