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Why Configurable Business Flows is the Best Way Forward for Startups


American professional skydiver Jeb Corliss famously remarked once that – “my time on this world is limited, but the things I can do with that time are not’. Startups and small businesses almost live life on the edge. They don’t possess the luxury that established businesses have. Therefore, ‘time’ is one such luxury which startups don’t enjoy almost ever. They are always running out of time, and forever caught in frenzy. This is exactly why they need customized solutions to make their business run at fast pace, rather than being jammed in roadblocks.

It is for the same reason that Configurable Business Flows have been developed to better take care of the limited time that startups deal with on a daily basis. Business flows is essentially the sequence of processing steps needed to handle a customer request. These Configurable Business Flows can be put together for any CRM entity. Furthermore, they allow a more streamline flow that can be automated to ensure zero human inaccuracies.

Let us brush through the many benefits that Configurable Business Flows boasts of and which can bring immense advantages for emerging businesses:-

  1. Maximum Efficiency

Since the entire process of Configurable Business Flows is automated, it ensures that maximum efficiency is achieved for the various steps required to handle a customer request. Evidently, these requests are diverse and vary for every company and industry. For example, business flows for an e-commerce startup will include – placing an order, payment confirmation, contacting the vendors, order confirmation, sending alerts of order status, and finally order delivery. However, for startups of other industries, business flows can surely be concise. Whatever is the need, Configurable Business Flows are entirely automated depending on the need of a business, and we all know what the true power of a well defined automated process and the competence it can realise.

  1. Minimum Human Intervention

Along with maximum efficiency, bare minimum human intervention is needed with configurable flows. This means that on a day-to-day basis, almost no human intervention is required for the proper functioning of the process flows. However, it must be pointed out that no system that revolves around customers, can never involve absolutely no human intervention. This is because whenever some changes are required on the functioning of process flows, the supervisor or business manager needs to input those changes in the system. For example – if the order confirmation process needs to include a couple of steps more like mobile number and email id verification, then those steps need to be entered by the or business manager.

  1. Customizable Easily

The way startups and emerging businesses operate is utterly subjected to frequent changes. This has an almost immediate effect on business flows. As Configurable Business Flows are automated, this allows the process flows to be customised at will and depending on the evolving business needs. Need a new step to be added, or want to do away completely with a set of steps? With Configurable Business Flows, this can become a cakewalk even if change is the order of the day!

  1. Almost Zero Dependency on Solution Provider

No prizes for correct guesses here. When the process flows are automated and when on the event of changes needed, business managers can take action themselves – there is almost no need to contact your solution provider every time you want some change in the process flows or want a change in the algorithm of the functioning of flows.

We know you are short of time, and want the business flows to take care of themselves. That can easily be a reality when you avail the services of Ameyo Emerge. So, go on – pick up your phone and holler for assistance.


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