Why Do You Need To Delight Your Agents?


If you were to make 10 calls in an hour with no break, how would you feel?

Agents work round the clock and get frustrated with the same mundane task over the period of time, but industries forget to acknowledge that without them, it will be impossible to run a business.

How do you equip your agents with high-quality customer experience skills that also align with their KPIs and eliminate redundant tasks? Agent’s productivity would affect the customer experience, so you need to place your focus on their efficiency and flexibility to drive better results for your call center.

Let’s check the key areas that your agents would benefit with and would help them manage their time effectively.

Agent Self Monitoring Toolbar

The truth of the hour is that everyone is striving for a higher success rate in lesser time. Agents feel bottlenecked when they fail to hit the KPIs despite working relentlessly. Equip your agents with Agent Self Monitoring Toolbar to give them an informatory insight of Agent Login time Duration, Calls handled that were connected or attempted, break duration and break bifurcation.

Do you need Auto-Call functionality?

Ask your agents if they need a control over the auto-call button! Agents receive call restlessly that are auto-answered and they lose the grasp over their productivity after a few calls. A pop-up with “Accept-Reject” option on the screen for all inbound and outbound calls reflects on agent’s screen which allows them to take a call when they are ready for it.

Quick Telephony Actions

Do you want your agents to do multitasking? Agents can now quickly take the call and manage other operations like solving customer’s query while browsing through other pages on their screen without any hassle. They do not need to toggle off between the tabs, a telephony panel could be accessed on the screen simultaneously thus eliminating the redundant task of operations.

Voice Media Status Update

How would you measure your agent’s productivity if the WebRTC fails or if its state is inactive for any reason but the agent’s dashboard says that they are available?

Get warning alerts and notifications whenever there is a break in the WebRTC connectivity. Both agents and supervisors are notified once the WebRTC fails to connect or reconnects so that the agents could be spared of struggle to connect with customers.

Enhance Call Transfer and Conference

Allow your agents to deliver a customer experience that your customers won’t forget. Agents can have filtered view of available agents in any queue or campaign and transfer the calls to them while having a conversation with the customers.

Supervisor Monitoring just became easy with the call transfer and conference functionalities. They can easily track the name of the agents available to take the calls and take an informed decision while transferring the calls to best-skilled agents.


Agents are the building stones of any business. How you do business may involve a strategic decision but how you delight your customers is what makes the stance of your contact center. Your agents will deliver a customer-centric experience if you consider building an environment that would also delight your agents.

In this technologically driven world, customers still want to connect with human agents personally. Delight your agents to delight your customers with Ameyo Voice.