Why Socially Enabling your Contact Center is Crucial


Contact centers are referred to as customer interaction centers and are the central point of an enterprise where all customers can contact and get their queries answered.
With social media influencing the market considerably, it is important to socially enable your contact center at your startup. Socially enabled contact centers are the bargaining chips in bringing in more genuine customers as well as to build strong relations with the customer. It also helps to deliver consistent and pertinent brand experiences just on your touch. These social contact centers are better off in engaging the customers and even helping them with the right connectivity to employees and partners.
Calling the customer care, waiting for hours on the line and still getting a waiting tone can make customers furious. Most of the customers turn down such calls and then immediately take out the frustration on the social media. Nowadays, most of the businesses are dependent on social media for all kind of responses, and surprisingly, the responses are quite commendable. Businesses with the help of these contact centers are actively serving their customers through social media. In such a way, the business is creating a positive outlook of quick responses to all kind of queries and complaints.
With social media thriving in the business world, to retain happy customers and satisfy their demands and queries, one must aim to keep the customer content for a long time. To deliver such promises, the business needs to focus on the customer from all the channels like social media, phone, chat etc. Poor customer practices will cause losing your customer.
One must integrate with the socially-enabled contact centers to keep the genuine customers in hand. For this, the company must bring in people, technology, and media onto a single platform to interact and keep the customer engaged.

The socially-enabled contact centers channelize the social connection in favor of the company to build strong relations with the customer, deliver consistently and build stronger brand experiences too. Socially-enabled contact centers are the prime connections to the outside world for a business to survive in a social media-driven market. Social media must be used as a tool to interact with the customer and not only as a marketing platform.

As per researchers by Oracle, enabling contact centers socially has become a pre-requisite for branding.
Here are some reasons to facilitate the thought of socially enabling them:
Helps to Listen and Interact
Most of the customers lose their patience waiting in a line as well as on a phone where they are kept on hold. With social media marketing heightened, most of the customers put up a negative feedback on the social media pages. In order, not to get offended by such comments, it is important to respond to any kind of queries or complaints that are put up on the business page or on social media.
Even if a majority of the company customers post negative comments, with a quick response from the company, the company benefits from such comments. With social media, even interaction is quite simple, hence channelizing the media to communicate would be ideal, and in a way, you build a strong relation with the customer.
Be Present with the Customer
Social media is not location specific and hence, if a customer posts a complaint from a location far away from the company, the customer contact team can come out with a response quickly. Social media has the potential to reach out to as many clients as possible globally. The retailer must know how to access and aid the consumer. All these interactions must be monitored, analyzed and the information must be stored in the graphical format.
One can interact with the customer from any corner of the world through social media. These quick interactions can come very handy especially when dealing with negative comments or feedback. If you leave negative comments unattended, they can spread faster than you can imagine and disrupt the brand image quickly.
When your customer contact center is monitoring social media too, you can contain them in the beginning stage itself and protect the brand image. Responding to the positive reviews and feedback also encourages them to follow you. You can also use them for marketing in social media.
Build a Community
As you interact with the customer on social media, you are building up a community of good customers. The various comments given by the customers are the key to your brand image. In one way, the retailer gets to know more about the customer’s view on the product that helps in improving the product. The comments are very important to decide the sustainability of a product. This socially strong community forms the basis of any organization. Since the customers are live on the platform, such interactions make things function smoother.
In a way, Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. are not just for answering to customer queries but also a tool to channelize the interaction of a customer as well as a client. Even if a client posts a negative comment, the retailer can easily turn these negative aspects into positive responses.
The quicker you help to resolve the matter the better will be the growth. The media can make as well as break the product image. With internet technologies, the interaction is easier as compared with the phone lines. These contact centers help to deliver the appropriate customer to the right business and facilitate the functioning of the firm.
Adapting the trending methods and technologies is important to survive in a highly competitive market. The social contact centers who can rightfully get you reach your heights are thus a boon to the business. With socializing, the interaction becomes more instantaneous and effective. With technology-driven interactions, social media can be further simplified to make the functioning smoother.