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Why Startups can’t Hope to Excel without In-App Support


If anyone would walk up to me and ask what device do I use the most – my head would almost immediately turn to my smartphone. I am sure that would be the case with most of us Millennials. Sure, we use the laptop and other devices for our daily chores, but it the mobile that has got us hooked with an endless array of apps. Don’t believe me? Here are 2 stats that will surely sort things for you.

  1. 90% of smartphone users in India use apps – close to 158 million
  2. India’s mobile commerce market could balloon to $19 billion by 2019

As consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile devices, marketing campaigns by brands are following suit. Brands have realised that this is where the next phase of business expansion is most likely to be. This is slowly making startups and modern businesses ramp up their in-app support to bring customers closer to their business and thereby taking communication to much greater heights.

Why In-App Support is Way different than other Features?

With the use of in-app support, customers can contact businesses at their own convenience – from inside the app. Startups have implemented contextual interactions by routing chat communications to specific departments, and thereafter customers can check for order status and other details. Moreover, agents can chat with multiple customers simultaneously using canned responses. Usually, customers abandon carts due to insufficient or immediate assistance. However, with the use of this feature, this concern can be properly addressed.  
Therefore, if customers are tracking the order status of their delivery, and initiate a chat, the interaction channel will be then routed to the logistics team directly to streamline the order process. Thereby, the customer gets an update without any prior information request. Moreover, customers are also provided an option to shift the communication from chat to voice, with just a click. The agent on the other end will be notified on the customer call request, supplemented by recorded information of the customer such as purchase history, order status, previous calls, etc.
The Early Adopters of In-App Support
To meet the ballooning expectations of customers with the increased use of apps, e-marketplace giant – Flipkart made an earnest effort last year to turn shopping into a more social experience when they introduced chat icon feature ‘Ping’ inside their app. Thereby, customers can now share products, wishlists, and carts with their phonebook contacts, and also chat with them.
Few weeks ago, leading cab aggregator – Uber had begun replacing its email support system with in-app features. The company is in the process of phasing out the email address first in US, and then globally. According to Uber, with this move, the response times will head downhill as customer satisfaction will observe a climb. Moreover, it has stated that customer service has already risen 10% since the time it has initiated in-app support.
Striking the Right Chords
Needless to say, startups and modern businesses across industries will soon tread the steps of Flipkart and Uber, especially the ones that are closely tied with customer support. Companies are slowly but surely realising the multiple benefits of in-app features and they are more than likely to integrate this into their business strategies. With in-app support, brands can identify promoters and detractors and thereafter leverage that data. Moreover the feature can be used to develop marketing content to enrich customer engagement, with the A/B testing style.
This way, companies can make customized offers for a targeted pool of customers. For example, an e-commerce company that wants to bring customer closer to the brand by removing barriers between multiple channels of interaction can pass data identifying best customers who can be termed ‘Premium’. Thus, offers can be made to those customers such as exclusive early access to products and services that matched their interests.
Want to be a part of the new in-app revolution? Give us a call at Ameyo Emerge and let this feature boost your business like never before.
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