Why Your Contact Center Needs Live Chat?

Live Chat

Did you know that your customers are easily frustrated when the sales reps aren’t available?

A new age customer’s expectation is rising as the technology is advancing and a customer wants attention. Your customers are aggravated by machine responses and they wish to connect with a human. If you are still relying on traditional marketing trends, let me tell you, you are losing on a great deal.
The world turned to chat a long time ago and it’s time that contact centers understood why they need Live Chat Software in their existing system. E-mails and calls only make your customers exhausted because they want a real-time solution.
Online shopping has only increased the need for live chat and made it more relevant for the present age.

Having said that, let’s first understand what live chat is?

In a contact center, live chat is a medium to interact with customers, allowing agents a space to handle multiple chats and provide a seamless experience to their customers. It is a quick and most chosen way through which a customer seeks to solve their problems.
Live chat is another way to help your customers make a decision in their buyer’s journey. It is a gateway to converting your leads into customers or providing any assistance to existing customers, which is otherwise a difficult task for agents due to lesser availability of time.

Let’s binge on how live chat can become a life savior for agents

1. Personalized User Experience (UX)

Users, prospects or potential customers today are looking for more information on the web before making a decision. An agent can assist the customers to leverage their customer experience with a personalized chat. He/she can understand the background of the customer and talk contextually with them.
Live Chat notifies the agent about the customer’s journey and he is well equipped for the conversation. Most customers believe that machines are emotionally drained, and they look for personal assistance. Thanks to live chat that now you can provide a personalized experience to your visitors.

2. Increased Efficiency of Agent

Agents do not need to waste their time on trivial tasks because now they have the data that they need to boost their efficiency.

i) Chat Queue Notification

Agents get the notification of chat queue name when a chat is assigned to them. This function will provide the agent with relevant information and avoid confusion. If a customer has come to claim a refund, he/she will be directed into “Refund Queue” an agent will know the context of the request.

ii) Chat Queue Transfer

Agents have the power to transfer the chat to different queue as required. If a customer/user has landed into a wrong queue, an agent can redirect them to the relevant queue.

iii) Voice of Customer (VoC)

Agents can collect the customer’s feedback on chat, no additional e-mail or call is required. Supervisors can use this data to effectively train their agents and monitor their success rate.

3. Proactive Engagement with Customers

Proactive triggers can be set to extend the satisfaction level of the customers. These triggers could be behavioral based, or time-based and agents can reach out to customers before they even ask about it.
A customer, who is stuck on payment gateway could be assisted by the agent through live chat. Additionally, the page information context will help to better assist the customer and finish the transaction.

4. Constant Customer Support

If your customers complain about waiting in line for the sales reps to connect with them, live chat has come to the rescue. Customers can instantly reach out to the agents with live chat and get a solution to their problem.
Customers now are frustrated with hold time on calls and they need an instant solution. What your customers do not have in abundance is time and it helps both the agent and customer to process the information in lesser time.
Customers can avail of this assistance 24*7, thus avoiding the hassle to find a solution. A smooth buyer’s journey is a bonus point for agents and the businesses.
Live Chat-CTA
Live chat opens another elevator in addition to the existing channels and you do not want to miss on great opportunities. Because, a customer, when reaches to you via live chat is going to land a decision and if you fail to assist them, someone else will. To grow exponentially tomorrow, you need to provide convenience to your customers today.
Plan your strategies now and get ready to chat with your customers with Ameyo Omnichannel contact center software today.