Measuring and Reporting

Let the Data guide your Decisions

Monitor and improve agent productivity, operational efficiency and customer experience with Ameyo Helpdesk Reporting and Analytics tools.

Data at First Sight

Stay on top of your helpdesk operations with Ameyo Bird’s Eye App. Get a complete picture of your contact center and customer support process across campaigns – in the palm of your hands. Customize the fields that you want to be updated on and get notifications for various thresholds.

Visual Data for Easy Consumption

No need to be bogged down by the mountain of data. We have made it easy for you to consume all that at a fast pace –  by visually representing it in the form of graphs and charts. Thereby allowing you to make accurate predictions along with forming the strategy for improving the customer support process to create an army of happy customers i.e. your best brand ambassadors.

Scheduling Periodical Reports

Make use of default reports and also build custom ones to enhance your understanding of the customers and contact center functions and take corrective steps to improve agent workflows. With this feature of Ameyo Help Desk software manager can schedule these reports to get them periodically sent to their inbox for further analysis.

Take Insightful Actions

Create dashboards to view historical data as well as live monitoring of key metrics. With Ameyo dashboards you get to compare correlated metrics to identify the chinks in your process and take consequent actions. Decide and choose who gets to see which metrics based on the team they are part of to maintain relevancy and probability of faster actions.




Discover how a leading food ordering and delivering company achieved 80% improvement in agent utilization to transform customer experience.

Something More for Your Helpdesk Operations


Omnichannel Ticketing

Empower your employees to interact better and understand your customers better than before.



Empowering customers to help themselves without the need for agent's intervention.


Helpdesk Automation

Save agent time and effort by automating repetitive tasks to improve customer support and satisfaction.

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