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What is Debt Collection Software?

Debt collector can streamline the collections processes and improve the operational efficiency by ensuring greater coverage and connect rates with ease. An intelligent debt recovery solution can deliver higher Promise-to-Pay (PTP) rates effectively. Automating daily operational tasks of collection agents minimizes the time spent on mundane and unproductive tasks so that they can dedicate working time to critical issues.

With the help of smart outbound systems, the recovery process can be optimized up to 3-4 times. This would dramatically decrease your bad debts and make your P&L statement look comparatively better.

Why Do You Need A Debt Collector?

Optimize All Mundane Tasks

Eliminate the time spent doing mundane clerical tasks and let the Collection Agents focus on the core competency of the job.

Intelligent Customer Segmentation

Optimize Collections profitability and Improve Agent effectiveness by auto-segmenting customer buckets using delinquency level, debt age, and customer behavior.

Type of Target Customers or Prospects
Prioritize Important Customers

Delinquency is difficult to communicate. Set the right tone for brand communication with your VIP customers and keep them loyal for life.

Speed-up Collection Process

Complement Strategic debt collection with intelligent outbound dialing, enhancing customer coverage and improve Promise to Pay Ratio.

Reduce your Cost of Customer Coverage for Loan Collections by 70%

Check Out All the Debt Collection Features Ameyo Offers

Ensure better collection, bad debts reduction, and faster resolution of collection disputes.

Reporting with CCaaS

Intelligent Segmentation in No Time

Ameyo’s intelligent and automated bucketization system segregates the customers based on multiple factors like their delinquency level, credit history, net worth, age of the account etc. Segmenting the customers will ensure that separate strategies are taken for different buckets of customers.

Agent Performance Dashboard

Optimize Agent Effort

Automating collection process empowers debt collection specialist to talk to the right customers at the right time. Real-time synchronization of the leads between LMS and Ameyo ensures that the customer delinquency data is updated in real-time so that the agents need not waste time and effort on leads which have already paid the dues.

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Collaborate to Resolve Customer Query Faster

Reach More Customers in Less Time

Ameyo Debt Collector provides multiple dialing modes for each bucket. long with the above mentioned features, Ameyo also provides features like smart reminders which remind & follow up with your customers at the right time with ease via automatic reminders.

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“We chose Ameyo due to their competence and the way they moved to have an in-depth understanding of our specific business requirements. The speed of execution from their end was superb.”


Sr. Vice President – MOSL

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