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    What is Debt Collection Software?

    Debt collection software can streamline the collections processes and improve operational efficiency by ensuring greater coverage and connect rates with ease. An intelligent debt recovery software can deliver higher Promise-to-Pay (PTP) rates effectively. Automating tasks like sending payment reminders minimizes the time spent on routine or unproductive tasks, allowing the collection agents to handle critical issues and speed up debt recovery.

    A smart outbound system optimizes the debt recovery up to 3-4 times. This dramatically decreases your bad debts and makes your P&L statement look comparatively better.

    Why do you need Debt Collection Software?


    Automate Debt Recovery Process

    Increase customer coverage with less number of agents and ensure faster recovery using robust debt recovery software. Collections bot can handle first-level queries, ensuring that the agents are focusing on critical queries. Easily optimize collections profitability and improve agent effectiveness by auto-segmenting customer buckets using delinquency level, debt age, and customer behavior to strengthen the debt collection process.


    100% Visibility Into Borrower’s Profile

    Provide your agents with consolidated borrower information to help them set the context of each interaction. When the agents are equipped with knowledge about the customer’s borrowing cycle, past interactions, onboarding period, etc. the agents will be likely to drive the interaction in a personalized manner. Ameyo’s business debt collector offers a smooth integration with in-house or third-party CRM applications that provides you with an added advantage.


    Automatic Distribution of Cases

    Let each collection case be handled by an expert. When a borrower is seeking support from your agents, they seek a quick resolution. Directing them to the right agent or expert will help you fasten your collection process and will ensure a higher first call resolution rate. Based on previous data and IVR selection, prioritize your HNI customers and set the tone of your brand in an eloquent manner. Automatically map and distribute cases based on geographical location, last payment reminder, IVR selection, agents’ availability to smoothen the debt collection.


    Humanized Collections Bot Handles Queries

    Reduce the cost of customer coverage for loan collection by 70% using a humanized collections bot. Automate a few tasks of the existing collection process by creating custom call flows. Make data-driven decisions with the humanized collections bot by pushing the outcome of the discussion in real-time to the CRM. Seamlessly transfer queries to human agents when the bot fails to understand customers’ requests. With debt recovery software, you can automate first-level queries and ensure that the agents are focusing on critical issues, thus reducing the pressure of handling large case volumes.


    Personalized Payment Notification

    Sending timely notifications lets the debtors keep track of the due date for their next instalment. Automate the workflow and send payment reminders using WhatsApp, Bot, Email, SMS, Voice blasts, etc. to ensure a high recovery for debt collection. Personalized notifications tend to get customer’s attention and it helps loan collection firms to pace up debt recovery with a higher conversion rate.


    Analytics that Guide Strategies

    Keep track of contact center analytics that are important for your business. With extensive analytics dashboards, you can analyze the collections efficiency, insights on customers, and team performances. To streamline the debt collection process, you need to gauge the metrics like the number of customers responding to automated notifications, pending payments, ongoing payment activities, the performance of voice blasts, etc. This lets you make a well-informed decision to predict the recovery rate and strategize accordingly.

    Debt Collection Software Features

    Unified Agent Desktop
    Humanized Collections Bot
    Automatic Call Distribution
    IVR System
    IVR System
    Outbound Dialer
    Omnichannel Interactions
    Seamless Integrations
    Quality Monitoring
    Security Compliance
    10+ Languages Support
    Bot to Agent
    Effortless Bot to Agent Transfer
    AI-powered Software
    Case Prioritization
    Reports & Dashboards
    Callback Management

    Reduce your Cost of Customer Coverage for Loan Collections by 70%

    Check Out All the Debt Collection Features Ameyo Offers

    Ensure better collections, reduce bad debts, and fasten resolution of collection disputes


    Intelligent Segmentation in No Time

    Ameyo’s intelligent and automated bucketing system segregates the customers based on multiple factors like their delinquency level, credit history, net worth, age of the account etc. Segmenting the customers will ensure that separate strategies are taken for different buckets of customers.


    Optimize Agent Effort

    Automating the collection process empowers debt collection specialists to talk to the right customers at the right time. Real-time synchronization of the leads between LMS and Ameyo ensures that the customer delinquency data is updated in real-time so that the agents need not waste time and effort on leads that have paid their dues.

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    Reach More Customers in Less Time

    Ameyo Debt Collector provides multiple dialing modes for each bucket. Along with the above-mentioned features, Ameyo debt recovery software also provides features like smart reminders which remind & follow up with your customers at the right time with ease via automatic reminders.

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    “Ameyo contact center solution helped us boost our lead conversion rate from 25% to 60%”

    Joe Jackson

    Director – Business Operations, Dalex Finance

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    Bilegt Tumurkhuyag

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    The implementation scale was huge with a lot of complexity. It was a major task for us to comply with security requirements and other business requirements. The project team worked effortlessly, satisfying all the requirements.
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    Kingsley Bennett

    CEO Metro Edge Technologies

    Ameyo's Remote Contact Center Solution has helped us increase our productivity by 60%. It is a very effective solution that helps our agents work remotely with ease.
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    Mukund Kulashekaran

    SVP of Business Urban Company

    During COVID-19 transition, Ameyo's team worked to solve all technical problems and ensured that we continue to provide high-quality support to our customers and service partners. They are a business partner in every sense.
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    Amit Sharma

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    Ameyo helped Spice Money remote contact center agents reach 100% productivity in two week’s time!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A debt collection software manages the entire debt collection process and improves operations efficiency by ensuring greater coverage and higher connect rates. It helps the collections firms to manage their database of overdue invoices and helps you streamline the collections process by segmenting the data of paid and unpaid dues.


    A debt collection software enables you to manage the collection process seamlessly with its advanced features like automatically sending the payment reminders, resolving first-level queries with collections bot, reducing the number of overdue payments and increasing the repayment percentage.


    A debt recovery software is needed when you deal with a large chunk of borrowers and manual dialing and collecting becomes tedious. A data recovery software enables the brands to fasten their recovery process by automating the collection process and eliminating the need for human intervention for first-level interactions.

    With a humanized collections bot, businesses are able to reduce customer coverage cost for loan collections by 70%.


    Features of debt collection software are:

  • Automated Debt Recovery
  • 100% visibility in borrower’s profile
  • Automatic distribution of cases
  • Personalized interactions
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Watermark