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10 Reasons Indian Startups must Adopt Cloud Telephony Services


Over the years, the Indian startup landscape has witnessed immense growth. India is experiencing innovation like never before and has become a breeding ground for start-ups. From cab companies, food delivery services to e-commerce, these businesses are rampantly growing. According to a Nasscom India Startup Report, India has provided a conducive ecosystem for the startups to thrive and has moved up to the third position with the fastest-growing base of startups across the world.

But in this extremely competitive environment, adopting technological products and services to managing the day-to-day operations and providing exceptional customer services makes all the difference between keeping ahead of the competition or lagging behind. One of those utmost crucial technology solutions that a startup must implement is Cloud Telephony System.

Cloud telephony basically means voice and SMS services managed in the cloud. Being significantly cost-effective, putting this service into practice does not require any physical infrastructure either. It can easily scale-up for a growing business to cater to its customer needs quickly and effectively.

Below are certain benefits of upgrading the telephone system to the cloud:

Huge Cost-Savings

Compared to traditional hardware-based systems, a cloud telephony system cuts down the expenses tremendously by eliminating the need of setting up and maintaining the phone system onsite. As small and new businesses are always looking for ways to minimize costs, switching to cloud telephony will surely prove to be beneficial as it is online-based and you just need a router and only pay for the services you use. The calling between the offices and its different internal departments is absolutely free. Pay as you go and scale as you grow.

Easy and Quick Implementation

As it doesn’t require the installation of hardware, the implementation process is fast and seamless. Different phone devices can be plugged into the network to make them alive. Also, most of the repairs and changes can be made remotely, which means no need of calling the service provider to your business premises, thus reducing unexpected cost.

Minimum Downtime

For a company that offers phone support to its customers cannot afford their phone systems to go down even for a few minutes. Not being able to make or receive calls can damage their customer relationships to a great extent. Cloud telephony ensures there is maximum up-time available. If at all something goes wrong, there is a backup ready so that services run smoothly.


No Chance of Missing any Call

Operating via a single phone line leads to missed calls which in turn lead to loss of potential customers. If a customer gets a busy tone for long, he might get frustrated and find this unprofessional. Opting for an IVR system through your cloud telephony service provider will make sure that there are no unanswered calls. This will let all your incoming calls to be either directed to a pre-recorded menu of options or to a voicemail. The caller will even have the option to request a callback right after an agent is available or at a suitable time, he prefers.  An IVR can also direct the caller to speak to a service representative if required. IVR makes it certain that there are no missed calls, thereby streamlining customer service.

Effectively Promotes a Business

If there is any special offer running or a promotional event coming up, cloud telephony facilitates support for sending bulk SMS messages and voice calls to update the customers. Cloud telephony along with IVR services can initiate an SMS or Voice recorded message burst within a few minutes to reach many customers at once.

Easy Marketing Campaign Analysis

One of the cloud telephony features, call tracking, helps you to link a different phone number to each of your online and offline marketing campaigns, using virtual numbers. Virtual numbers, when called are automatically forwarded to the main business phone line and tracked. Businesses can easily compare which number generated maximum phone traffic and therefore decide which campaign is working best for them.

Effortlessly Serve Multiple Locations

Businesses that operate from different geographical locations no longer need to maintain multiple phone systems. Cloud telephony system gets it done with one system across all locations which inherently saves both time and money. Simply extend your cloud system to the new location and get the telephone system in place with ease.

Take Customer Service up a Notch

Certain features of cloud telephony aids in taking customer service to a whole new level:

  • Cloud telephony allows easy integration of a CRM system with the IVR system enabling service reps to have all the customer details and call history in one place. This makes it convenient for reps to have tailored interactions with the customers that suit their preferences.
  • With the Call Recording feature, you can listen to the conversations taken place with the customers and figure out what is working and what’s not, thus improving customer interactions.
  • Implement a toll-free number from your cloud telephony provider and more customers will be willing to call in.
  • Automate a call or send an SMS asking the user for feedback on the customer services. Businesses can leverage this feedbacks to improve their quality of services.

Effortless Internal Communication

The call conferencing facility enabled by cloud telephony allows you to easily connect with employees and business partners. It does not require internet, making the system all the more affordable and secure.

Reduce Needless Logistics Cost

Suppose you have reached the customer’s place to deliver his order and alas! Nobody is there at home to collect the order. Instances like these unnecessarily increase costs for the company. With the help of a cloud telephony system, an automated call or SMS can be sent to the customer when the order is ready for delivery. This will ensure that the customer is ready to receive the order when it reaches him.

Cloud telephony is undoubtedly changing the way businesses operate right from making business processes efficient to offering convenience to customers. So, if you are a business owner looking forward to technology to ramp up communication processes, go for a cloud telephony solution without stopping to think.


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