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3 Top Reasons Live Chat Makes Your Contact Center More Resourceful


The new age customer has a very short attention span, and even lesser patience.
Now, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you under present conditions, where the world is dictated by breakneck internet speeds and swelling mobile data usage. However, if your business still relies only on conventional mediums of interaction with customers, I must tell you that it might cease to exist.
This is exactly the reason why all contact centers need Live Chat.
As people are increasingly developing a taste in online shopping and transactions, the cry for Live Chat has only gotten elevated.

What is Live Chat?
Live Chat is a medium of interaction in a contact center that increases agents’ efficiency by allowing them to handle multiple chats simultaneously, with customers. This way, they can provide speedy solutions to problems and concerns, along with apt troubleshooting.
Since, time is the only luxury that people don’t have at present times – Live Chat has the ability to assist customers when they are indulged in complex purchasing decisions, because customers normally interact with agents to know more about product and services.

At the same time, this feature has an obvious and positive effect on the bottom line of businesses, along with increasingly the efficiency of agents manifold.

But, how exactly can Live Chat make your contact center more satisfactory to customers. Let us explicate in the below mentioned 3 pointers:

  1. Immensely Favoured by Customers

Consider the following data – 44% of online consumers term that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase, is one of the most important features any website can offer. This figure was divulged by Forrester Research in one of their studies. That is quite a big number if you consider the larger scheme of things, and this is primarily because Live Chat offer very less or negligible wait time, as compared to other modes of communication. Moreover, it leaves open the option for agents and customers to multitask, plus it is also much less hassle-free.

If this data was enough to convince one about the power of Live Chat, an ATG Global Consumer Trend research found out that 90% of customers consider live chat helpful. Furthermore, a survey from emarketer.com reveals that 63% customers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. Yes, these data and figures does peak volumes on the satisfaction level with the feature.

  1. Increased Sales and Reduced Costs

With the help of this technology, Well Fargo was able to drive high customer satisfaction scores and a double-digit increase in converted shoppers. This result was achieved way back in the year 2008. The world has progresses significantly since then, and it is only safe to say that any brand can drive more sales with Live Chat now, more than ever. The study from emarketer.com mentioned earlier also had stated that 38% respondents said they had made a purchase due to the chat session itself. Confused customers also get more clarity with Live Chat as it helps to do away with bounce rate from websites. This naturally results in increased sales.

In addition, the cost of implementing a Live Chat tool to support online customers is comparatively very easy and quick. The cost per interaction of Live Chat is much lower than most other communication mediums such as phone or emails. This is because of quicker response times from agents. Therefore, each interaction consumes less time before the final purchase is made, along with reduction in the requirement of extra agents. Saving a mere second every chat can eventually result in saving at least 40-80 hours per year. That’s saving more than 3 complete working days!

  1. Gives a Better Insight of Customer’s Pain Points

These days, a customer’s annoyance is reflected best in their social media pages. However, that only takes place once a purchases has been made, or if they face any dissatisfaction is making a purchase. With Live Chat, businesses can easily do away with that. The feature provides immediate access to customers’ pain points, while interacting with them live.
When customers use live chat, they will look for the exact product/service that has been promised and displayed on the website. If they feel something is off, agents can quickly alleviate their fears by adequately advising them. 



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