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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Serious About Customer Self-Service


Multi-Channel advances, coupled with mass adoption of mobile devices simply means that organizations can no longer run on age old service channel clouted by restrictions and limited availability. It’s about time that we get serious about Self-Service.

Globally, web self-service has increased substantially by over 10% in the past year. Almost all organizations today have an internet service capability and it has become an integral part of the office space. Social media has come up out of nowhere to an established presence in almost a third of organizations. Despite this exceptional growth in web and social media, Traditional IVR System usage is again on a rise.

These are 4 reasons why contact centers should get serious about Customer Self-Service:

1) Constant Evolution:
Traditional channels still remain critical to success even after new channels are absorbing the focus of the management. Integration is the key here as an integrated approach will serve the needs in dual ways. The needs of enterprises are evolving and so are the expectations. It has become imperative to analyze and understand the usage patterns so as to serve the customers better. In order to embark on a fruitful self-service journey, companies can evaluate the experiences of similar organizations and measure their own usage patterns as new channels are introduced according to customer preferences.

2) New Cost Measurement:
Measurement of cost of time associated with self-service channels is still traditionally managed. While telephone interactions are being measured for upto 80%, IVR & Social Media are being totally neglected. Assumingly, organizations are in the early days of self-service deployment, this is ignorable to some extent.

3) Customer Frustration:
A clear contact strategy that allows customers to move between channels easily can result in better customer satisfaction. Companies must ensure that the information is shared across all the channels uniformly. A seamless transfer from one channel to another should be made possible. Customer frustration generally develops when he has to re-enter information repeatedly. An organization’s self-service need to have processes and technologies in place that allow customer satisfaction to be maintained efficiently and the key is integration.

4) The Changing Landscape:
The basic traditional function of the self-service channel in a contact center has always been filtering a high volume of contacts. It also enables real-time access to information. These days, calling a contact center is usually a second choice or some complex escalation underway. Hence, it is very important to realize that the calls have become more complex and needs to be attended to diligently. The need to make the most of inbound calls has never been more crucial.

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