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5 Signs that Shout "You Need a Call Center Software!!"


 Are your call center agents struggling with antique PBX phones? Are they ruffling through hundreds of documents in search of information to handle one single customer call? Are you holding out on making that jump into the world of call center management software? Well, this blog post is here to help you do just that. Below are 5 signs (warning signs) that shout “You Need a Call Center Software.”

#1. Poor Supervisory Functions: The performance and productivity of call centers are based on variable and real-time dynamics. Traditional reports and charts do not provide this dynamic information to managers to quickly identify issues, measure performance, and make informed decisions. Call Center managers need intelligent reporting and analytical tools for processing and analyzing data. They need dashboards, dynamic visualizations, and information portals that can drill-down and manipulate information.

#2. Call Abandonment Rates Skyrocketing: Call abandonment is a costly occurrence that has a detrimental impact on customer retention and lifetime value. An abandoned call is a lost business opportunity. Customers abandon calls when they face excessive hold time waiting to speak to an agent. This frustrates the customer and you are giving them a reason to take their business elsewhere. Call center management software resolves this issue. With Automatic Call Distributor, they ideally distribute calls across all available agents, and by providing customers with a Call-back option they minimize the occurrence of call abandonments.

#3. Single Mode of Communication: The core value of a call center is the ability of the agents to handle any type of customer interaction – phone, email, social media, webchat, text, etc. Customers want to communicate with a business on their terms. They decide when and how to communicate, and the business is obliged to satisfy their terms. “Be where the customers are.” In this age of fast-paced technological advancements, customers seldom communicate with businesses over the phone. Today customers prefer conversing with businesses over social media and webchat and turn to phone calls only as a last resort.

#4. Lack of Integration: Your agents would be using multiple business tools for their processes. A CRM to track customer interactions, a helpdesk system to handle customer emails, a Live Chat to offer live chat support to customers, etc. This is definitely progress, but you will start noticing that your team’s efficiency starts to depreciate when the number of customer interactions progresses. Using these applications in isolation is not very effective and can be detrimental to the team. Call Center Management System with business tools integrations links up all these systems by automatically synchronizing data across all systems. With two-way synchronization of data, any customer information updated in any tool, the customer call center software will update the same in all of the others.

#5. Customers are slipping through the cracks: If you noticed that customers are slipping through the cracks as a result of a combination of all the aforementioned factors, then the time has come to implement a customer call center software. Invest in a software that offers multiple channels of communication to customers, provides your agents with relevant and comprehensive customer information, integrates your existing business applications, and armed with features to optimize customer interactions. When your team has the features they need in place, losing a customer will be a thing of the past.




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