5 Ways Power Dialer can Help you Close More Deals



Power Dialer dials a list of numbers one after the other only when an agent is available to handle them. It offers more control and result in better connections by bypassing busy numbers and dropped calls. The agent is always available to talk to the customer as soon as the call is answered which is a key to successful campaigns.

Power dialer is suitable for all types of campaigns right from customer care follow-ups to telemarketing to automated welcome calls to shipment notifications to automated reminders such as debt collection warnings, appointment reminders etc, thereby delivering proactive customer service by helping and reminding customers before they have to do it themselves. It can generate more sales than any other tool as it helps to connect with the right prospects at the right time, utilizing features such as one-click preview dialing, prerecorded voice messaging, advanced list prioritization, automatic voicemail, and more.

This auto dialer ensures that the sales reps consistently pursue their prospects by automatically sending reminders for follow-ups. As it is crucial to reach a prospect before the competition does, Unlike predictive dialer, power dialer enables intelligent scheduling to assure immediate response (within seconds) of an inquiry from a prospect.

Overall, this outbound dialer improves agent productivity to a great extent as they can dial over 200% more prospects per hour. Let’s learn few advantages of Power Dialer which helps in generating and closing more deals:

No Wastage of Time – Eliminates Unproductive Calls

Many call center agents waste their time by calling uninterested parties, busy signals or empty households. A Power Dialer eliminates all these possibilities and ensures that the agents connect with the right prospect at the right time. Unanswered calls, dropped numbers and automated answering machines are all discarded before even reaching the agent’s ears, leading to no wasted calls and more happy customers.

Easy Lead Management

By incorporating lead management software in a Power Dialer, one can easily filter out “do not call” and blacklisted numbers. It can organize all the sales information, lead data, customer history and call-back info with the help of a CRM and can quickly pass it on to the agents, thereby obtaining more successful leads. It also intelligently manages the journey of your leads, prospects and customers across their engagement cycle, enabling agents to sort and prioritize the leads generated. For example, it gives highest priority to prospects who initiate an interaction with the company.

Improves Agent’s Productivity

As the agents don’t have to waste their time managing list of telephone numbers and rectifying errors, they can focus on enhancing their interaction skills with frequent coaching and training sessions for delivering exceptional customer experience. This call center dialer uses complex dialing algorithm to determine when to dial a call by considering when an agent is going to finish the current call so as to redial the next number in the list as soon as they end the call, thus ensuring maximum engagement with the customers. As they are always connected to a live call, it drastically improves idle rate per agent.

Supports Intelligent Retry Strategies

Agents can’t get connected to all the numbers in the lead list in the first try. Power Dialer supports Retry (dialing the number again) based on last dialer result. You can set different retry strategies for different occasions. For example, try a NO ANSWER after 3 hours, ABANDONED call after 72 hours, a BUSY call after 5 minutes etc, so that you never miss on any important lead and increases the chances of lead sale conversion rate. It also takes care of the compliance norms and improves your right party connects by over 10%.

Increased Sales

All the above mentioned benefits ultimately lead to increase in sales for any company. Call Centers can witness their sales to get double or more with Power Dialer with  smarter calls, efficient agents and more receptive and happy customers. It leads to improved ROI as it not only increases the quality of calls dialed but also the quality of customer interaction.