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How to Connect More? Secret to a Successful Outbound Calling Strategy


A well defined outbound strategy is an integral aspect of customer outreach and campaign management. Although, many businesses have turned their focus to inbound, certain processes, especially those dealing with collection, financial services, real-estate, and telecommunication need a robust outbound calling approach. The key is to be able to dial out high volume of calls in a short amount of time. The math is simple, higher connected calls translate to greater outreach, several minutes of talk time, increase in new leads and improved business outcome.

Technology has a huge role in making outbound calling strategy smooth and efficient.  On one hand sales and business development teams are expected to carry out maximum customer outreach, on the other, there is a high volume of data that needs to be segregated for efficient calling management.  To put things in perceptive, the secret to success is to develop a progressive outbound strategy that is a healthy mix of technology and a well thought-over customer experience game plan.
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Technology to Support Outbound Campaign Goals

To get on with a successful outbound campaign, setting the right note with the potential customer is very important. But first, enterprises need a sturdy technology in the backend to support an aggressive outreach program.  These include the following-

End-to-end Campaign Capabilities

In a high traction call center, multiple campaigns go on simultaneously. Therefore, the outbound solution should be flexible and intuitive. Call center managers and supervisors should be able to create, delete or remove campaigns on their own. There should be minimum dependency on the IT team for support.  The supervisor of the campaign team should be able to make changes independently which is essential for the overall efficiency of the call center.

Advanced Dialing Mechanism

According to research and advisory firm TOPO, it takes a minimum of 18 dials to connect with the potential buyer.
The mentioned stat implies that for maximum selling, agents should be able to make high volume of calls daily.  Predictive dialer is an automated dialer that allows agents to connect more calls in a short duration of time. Here are some key features of a predictive dialer –

  • Predictive dialer automates the entire dialing process, no manual intervention
  • Predictive dialer can predict when the agent is free to take the calls
  • Predictive dialer can detect answering machine and skips unproductive calls to improve agent productivity
  • Predictive dialer is highly customizable, different pacing rations and dialing algorithms can be set to achieve maximum efficiency from a campaign

Call Back Feature

Although call back feature is an essential component of inbound calling strategy, it can also come in handy for outbound scenarios. Call back feature is a calling disposition that allows agents to dial those numbers where the customer requested the agent to call back at a later time. The feature is particularly relevant in cases related to credit card collection and insurance premium reminders.
On any given day, agents make hundreds of calls. At times customer may request the agent to call back at a suitable time. Keeping a manual track of such calls is difficult.  With call back feature, the dialer will automatically dial the number, thus improving calling productivity.

Exclusion Management

All call centers have to follow DNC compliance. Exclusion management is therefore relevant for two reasons. First is to avoid legal trouble, secondly to prevent agents from making unproductive calls.  With Exclusion number, all DNC numbers are efficiently removed from the campaign.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

A powerful outbound solution not just addresses the requirement on the front-end, but also captures valuables insights at the backend. In a fast pacing and evolving customer centric culture, call centers have to be step-ahead to understand the delicate customer and service provider relationship.
Whether it is day to day interaction or long term business goals, reporting and analytics is essential for improving call center metrics. Supervisors have instant access to graphical dashboard that gives them clear insight into the everyday operation of the call center. All key decisions can be based on empirical findings rather than guesses and assumptions. It also helps in building and managing call center customer service teams.

Concluding Thoughts – Become the Differentiator

For rich outbound campaign management technology is essential. It is significant to adopt a solution that maximizes agent productivity, but also automates mundane tasks without any manual intervention. This can be achieved through Omni-channel customer experience software.  It is a futuristic outbound calling technology that offers agents the advantage of unified desktop, real-time dashboard, case management capabilities and flexible customer service experience.


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