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6 Must-Haves in an Outbound Call Center Software


An outbound call center software helps businesses make outbound calls for various purposes like telemarketing, telesales, and collections.

Today, we see a surplus of refined technology being used in the operation of outbound contact centers. Since the market is flooded with so many outbound call center software, the challenge lies in selecting the right technology that helps you leverage your outbound calling strategy.

Business Luxuries that have become Necessities

Customers look to be easily guided and serviced by different communication channels. Apart from calls, outbound call centers need to focus on channels like emails, chats, and social media. Here are a few call center essentials that have become a mandate for business success:

High Call Connects by going for an Auto Dialer

In an outbound call center, the business productivity majorly depends on Call coverage, a number of calls connected, conversion rate, and first call resolution. With a dialer software for outbound call centers, you can significantly increase your business’ productivity by automating your dialing process.

An outbound call center dialer immensely helps call center supervisors to strengthen their calling operations and achieve business goals faster.

Maintaining Customer Context with CRM Integration

Outbound contact center software with built-in CRM is the most important feature that you should equip your agents with. This simple tool helps your agents to manage and access comprehensive customer data in a single interface. By integrating your outbound call center software with in-house or third-party CRM applications, you can allow your agents to access customer’s information along with previous interaction history, purchase behavior, call recording, etc. to get the complete context of the interaction in a single interface.c

Quality Compliance with access to Call Recording

Managers should know how the team is performing and they can keep track of each call to ensure that the call quality standards are fulfilled. With a feature like a call recording, managers can listen to the calls and score each call according to call quality parameters. These calls can also be used to train and coach the agents.

Additionally, managers can monitor the live calls, whisper, confer, and transfer to coach the agents in real-time. This helps in expediting the outbound call center agents’ and optimize their performance.

Be in Control with Real-Time KPI Monitoring

This tool embedded in the outbound contact center software helps the managers and supervisors to track and manage outbound call center metrics in real-time like connect rate, call volume, campaign data summary to get a holistic view of the campaign.

Live data such as active calls, number of calls in the queue, number of agents on call helps the managers to foresee operational changes and plan the resource allocation accordingly.

Click-to-Call for Faster Call Dials

This feature reduces the scope of human error and eliminates the need for manual dialing. Agents can dial a number from within the CRM by just clicking on it, thus reducing the manual effort required to place an outbound call. Click-to-dial helps the outbound call center agents increase their efficiency as they do not have to face problems like “Wrong Number”.

Unified Agent Desktop

With the right outbound calling software, your agents can manage multiple tasks like call handling, accessing customer information, call disposition, adding call notes, etc. in a single interface without having to toggle between multiple tabs. This reduces average handling time for each call, also allowing them to schedule a callback or check call history easily.


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