7 Immediate Ways Real-Time Monitoring Make Call Centers Better


Real-time information helps every business to function smoothly. When you have information on the current state of your organization – especially on the sales front, you can get a better grip on your business. This helps to monitor and control the day to day activities more efficiently.

When you can manage the daily operations better, over a period of 3-4 months, you will find that the productivity has gone up considerably. It becomes all the more critical when you can implement real-time monitoring at call centers.

Every customer is crucial to a company and since call center employees directly engage with customers, real-time monitoring aids in maintaining a great relationship with customers more efficiently.

Here are 7 of the immediate benefits of implementing real-time monitoring at call centers:

  1. Track Calls for Quantity and Quality

With real-time monitoring, the supervisor or manager will have complete access to the calls attended by each and every call center agent. Even the calls in queues can be accessed in real-time. The manager can assess the quantity of calls attended and resolved by each team member. They can also listen to individual discussions with customers, to assess the quality of the call and the effectiveness of the conversation. This makes sure that the manager has complete access over the minutest conversations happening in the firm with the customer. The manager can, at any time, track the calls and take them up when the agent seems to be incapable of handling them.

Measure metrics in real-time to improve call center efficiency with help desk ticketing system

  1. Determine the Training Requirements to Improve

Real-time monitoring helps the manager to understand who all need more training and in what aspect is the training required. This is really beneficial since agents interact with your precious customers. Whether trained or not, if the manager feels that a particular resource is not handling the queries properly, he/she can instantly take it over or get someone else to tackle the matter. Over a short period of time, the manager can easily spot out the resources that need the training to improve their performance. If trained earlier, they tend to learn faster and you can also avoid a lot of damage to reputation!

  1. Track the Waiting time and Idle time

Waiting time is crucial when it comes to customer care. More often than not, many customers are kept on hold before they can talk to the customer care agent. The waiting time can be quite irritating as they are already calling to complain! Longer wait time can really irk the customer and start the conversation in a bad mood which can only get things worse. Ideally, this happens when agents spend more time to resolve calls or just to keep the call waiting intentionally.

With real-time monitoring, you can easily check the waiting time and idle time of each agent as everything is tracked real-time. This micromanagement can be quite important when you want to assess the customer care agents in your call center. But you have to be careful not to overdo the same as micromanagement is one of the main reasons behind the high attrition rate in call centers. When you track the idle time, you know which agents are simply wasting your time and money and you can either allocate them where more resources are required or truncate your idle workforce.

  1. Manage Longer Queues to Resolve Faster

Sometimes, there are real issues and inadequate staff to handle the calls. With real-time monitoring, you can delegate the idle agents into attending the pending calls in the queue which will ensure that the work load is equally spread across the teams whenever there’s a requirement. This will keep the agents busy too. Since you can track the resources that have spare time with real-time monitoring, you can easily reallocate team members based on the actual requirements at any given point of time.

  1. Track the Average time taken to Resolve Matters

Usually, the call center agents are trained to resolve the toughest issues in the lowest possible time frame. Every call is assigned a target time for resolving so that the agents are not held up with one customer for most of the time. With real-time monitoring, their efficiency in terms of average time spent for resolving issues can be tracked and bettered to make the customers happier with your customer care services. With constant tracking and monitoring, you can easily find out the agents or the cases that take more time for resolving and that aspect can be worked upon to reduce the average resolution time.

  1. Track the Successful Closure of Customer Complaints

This is very important as the call centers aim to resolve maximum customer complaints through satisfactory interaction with the customers. Though more than often, it is the technical team that actually solves the issues, it is the call center agents who are the ones interacting with the customers. Sometimes, the technical helpdesks are able to resolve trivial issues directly and when such cases are monitored real-time, they can be crucial to customer ratings and building a better reputation.

  1. Interfere before Matters go out of Hand!

That’s another important advantage when you are monitoring your call center in real-time. You can track the calls as and when they come in and instantly step in when there’s an issue your agent cannot contain. This is crucial as far as the customer is concerned, the company’s reputation is concerned and for the employees to that assures that they are under the right manager who can guide them efficiently. Damage-control is best done in the initial stages itself and that’s possible only if you have real-time monitoring at the call centers.

While many employees despise micromanagement, it is a crucial aspect of real-time monitoring. It helps you get the most wanted information based on which you can manage your resources in an optimal manner. The issue comes only with resources that are hesitant to work or are totally unproductive. If you can deal it neatly, micromanagement with real-time monitoring can take your call center to better productivity with happier clients with Ameyo Call Center Solution.