7 Proven Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution


First of all, let us understand what is Automatic Call Distribution?

Automatic Call Distribution is the process of routing incoming calls to the most suitable agent who can answer the caller’s needs appropriately. It is practiced through an ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) system that distributes calls based on pre-defined rules including skill-based call routing, preferred agent routing, persona-based routing, First-In-First-Out (FIFO), and priority.

Automatic Call Distributor is a very crucial component of a good call center software and streamlines the communication process. Some of its capabilities include:

Skill-Based Routing

Incoming Calls can be routed to the specific agent or department based on pre-determined criteria. An agent with an appropriate skill-set and who can address the customer’s needs properly is the one to whom the call is routed.

For instance, if the caller’s preferred language is English, then the call will be routed to an English speaking agent.

Immediate Response to High-Value Callers

Callers who are identified as VIPs based on pre-determined info, are immediately routed to the most appropriate agent or in case none of the agents are available, they are placed first in the waiting queue.

The routing rules can be predefined by the admin to ensure that each caller finds the solution to their problems while ensuring that they get enriching customer experience.

Integration with CTI Technology

Automatic call distribution software along with CTI integration, allows agents to view the customer’s information such as past communications history before they answer the call. This leads to a very meaningful conversation with the customer.

Connect Via Multiple Locations

ACD can easily route calls to agents sitting at different or remote locations. All the agents working in different geographies can function as one single team.

This provides the businesses the flexibility to hire a diverse workforce to cater to varying needs of the business while working across multiple locations.

Now that we know for what all can be achieved using Automatic Call Distributor. Let’s discuss some of its benefits:

  1. Sound and Smooth Call Routing

Call routing software increases the efficiency and productivity of the agents. Based on pre-defined algorithms, calls are transferred to the most appropriate agent, hence reducing call transferring time. It captures the caller’s information like phone number and area code etc and based on IVR system configurations and agent availability, it routes the call.

  1. Immediate Response

ACD allows faster response to incoming calls by routing it to the best available agent. It increases call response and call handling time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. During the high call volume phase, callers can opt for a callback option instead of waiting in the queue. High-Value callers or VIP callers are routed to the assigned contact center agents, without any delay.

  1. Streamlined Operating Environment

Integration with CRM and other communication platforms such as social media and Live Chat, allows the agents to have a smarter conversation with the customer by understanding their needs thoroughly. The agent can view all the past communications and history of the customer on a single interface which is easy to update.

  1. Increased Agent Productivity

With the help of an Automatic Call Distribution Software, call center agents will have to handle calls for which they are trained. They have the expertise and the required subject knowledge to handle a customer. This will increase their confidence in dealing with a call and will also improve their productivity. Along with this, they have access to the caller’s information before answering the call, helping them to have a meaningful discussion that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Reduced Call Center Costs

Responding fast to a call by transferring it to the most appropriate agent will definitely improve the chances of first call resolution and the customer can get his query resolved without transferring him to other agents or departments. This will reduce the time taken to answer a call and hence reduce the cost-per-call of the call center.

  1. Resource Optimization

With the efficient routing of incoming calls, agents can use their expertise in solving the problems of a caller rather than indulging in activities that are outside their scope. Automatic Call Distribution System acquires usage data such as the total number of calls, time spent on each call, waiting for time, etc which is used for reporting purposes. This will enable managers to assess KPIs and optimize resources more effectively.

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Routing caller to an agent who is best suited to handle his query is what the customer needs today. They hate it when their call is transferred to N number of agents with none of them having the solution to their problem. Therefore, an ACD improves customer satisfaction to a great extent. The option to receive a call back reduces the pain of waiting in the queue. Pre-built messages are sent to callers with estimated wait times based on the length of the queue and agent availability. Automatic Call Distribution (acd) System helps in delivering highly responsive customer service that channels each contact to the right queue and agent resource and creates better business outcomes–and happier customers.

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